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Why Study Abroad?

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  • You can enhance your career profile by studying abroad
  • You get to explore another culture and another way of life by studying abroad.
  • You can do all this while earning credit toward your degree program.

Where can I go?

The University System of Georgia offers a wide variety of study abroad opportunities, ranging from five-week summer travel and study experiences to more traditional semester-long or year-long programs. Courses are taken for credit at Middle Georgia State University and may be applied toward degree requirements.

Also check out some of the Study Abroad Programs in Europe that are available to MGA students.

Truths and Myths about Study Abroad

Don't let common misperceptions about studying abroad keep you from pursuing your desire to study in another country.

MYTH: "Study Abroad is too expensive and I can't afford it."
Fact: The cost of study abroad programs varies greatly by destination and program type. Some programs may actually be less expensive or cost nearly the same as a semester studying on your home campus if you consider the favorable exchange rates, the elimination of some of your usual expenses (no need for budgeting gas money or car maintenance when you’re overseas), and lower costs of living. In addition, many student loans, grants, or scholarships can be applied to your study abroad program.

MYTH: "I'm not a foreign language major, and I can't speak another language."
Fact: Many programs do not require any knowledge of a foreign language, and there are quite a few programs offered in English.

MYTH: "MGA doesn't offer any programs that fit with my major."
TRUTH: The University System of Georgia (USG) offers more than 350 study abroad programs in disciplines including nursing, education, computer science, graphic design, theater, wildlife management and many more. As a MGA student you are eligible to participate on most USG programs, even those not offered through MGA.

MYTH: "You have to have very good grades to be accepted into a study abroad program."
TRUTH: Study abroad is not just for students who have a 4.0. For many programs, the requirement is simply that you be in good standing with your college or university.

MYTH: "Studying abroad is not safe."
TRUTH: Many countries are actually safer than cities in the United States, especially study abroad programs that take place in smaller towns. Crime rates in many countries are much lower than they are in the U.S.

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