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Degrees and Programs

Master Degrees

  1. Information Technology, M.S.
  2. Nursing, M.S.N.*

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Bachelor's Degrees

  1. Aviation Science and Management, B.S.
  2. Biology, B.S.
  3. Business Administration, B.S.
  4. Criminal Justice, B.S.
  5. Early Childhood Special Education, B.S.
  6. English, B.A.
  7. Health Services Administration, B.S.
  8. History, B.A.
  9. Information Technology, B.S.
  10. Information Technology (Online), B.S.
  11. Interdisciplinary Studies, B.S.
  12. Interdisciplinary Studies, B.A.
  13. Mathematics, B.S.
  14. New Media and Communications, B.A.
  15. Nursing, B.S.N.
  16. Psychology, B.S.
  17. Public Service / Human Service, B.S.
  18. Respiratory Therapy, B.S.

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Applied Bachelor's

  1. Technical Management (Formerly Business Management), B.A.S.

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Associate's Degrees

  1. Art, A.A.
  2. Criminal Justice, A.S.
  3. Financial Technology (Fintech), A.S.
  4. Modern Language, A.A.
  5. Music, A.A.
  6. Nursing, A.S.N.
  7. Occupational Therapy Assistant, A.S.
  8. Political Science, A.S.
  9. Public Safety, A.S.
  10. Respiratory Therapy, A.S.

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Applied Associate's

  1. Air Traffic Management, A.A.S.
  2. Aircraft Structural Technology, A.A.S.
  3. Aviation Maintenance Technology, A.A.S.

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Certificates (1 year)

  1. Aircraft Structural Technology, Cert
  2. Aviation Maintenance Tech: Airframe, Cert
  3. Aviation Maintenance Tech: Airframe and Powerplant, Cert
  4. Aviation Maintenance Tech: Powerplant, Cert
  5. Aviation Maintenance Technology, Cert
  6. Flight Technology: Airplane, Cert
  7. Flight Technology: Helicopter, Cert
  8. Public Safety, Cert

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Certificates (< 1 year)

  1. Aircraft Structural Technology - Structural Worker, Cert
  2. Airline Management, Cert
  3. Airport Management, Cert
  4. Commercial Pilot: Airplane, Cert
  5. Commercial Pilot: Helicopter, Cert
  6. Criminal Justice, Cert
  7. Cybersecurity, Cert
  8. European Union Studies, Cert
  9. Film Production, Cert
  10. Flight Instructor: Airplane, Cert
  11. Flight Instructor: Helicopter, Cert
  12. Instrument Pilot Rating: Airplane, Cert
  13. Multi-Engine Pilot: Airplane, Cert
  14. Network Administration, Cert
  15. Unmanned Aerial Systems Operator, Cert
  16. Web Design, Cert

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  1. Creative Writing, Minor
  2. Gender Studies, Minor
  3. Information Technology, Minor
  4. Mathematics, Minor
  5. Political Science, Minor
  6. Spanish, Minor
  7. Sustainability Policy Studies, Minor
  8. U.S. History, Minor
  9. Web Design and Instructional Technology, Minor
  10. World History, Minor

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Transfer Programs

  1. Engineering, Transfer

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* This nursing education program is a candidate for accreditation by the Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing

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