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Dr. Kevin Floyd

Dr. Kevin Floyd
Graduate Program Coordinator

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School of Information Technology
100 University Parkway
Macon, Ga 31206

Phone: (478) 471-2801
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Master of Science in
Information Technology

Fully Online and concentrations in:

  • Information Security & Digital Forensics
  • Software Development
  • Health Informatics

M.S.I.T. Audit Sheet for 2017-2018

MSIT Tentative Course Schedule

The MS in IT program requires students to complete 30 hours of graduate coursework. The first 15 hours provide students with knowledge in core information technologies in leadership, strategic planning, and research. Students can then focus on one area of study to enhance their set of skills and knowledge. These areas of study are Information Security and Digital Forensics, Software Development and Health Informatics. The courses in the program emphasize leadership abilities, critical thinking, problem solving, decision-making, and interpersonal and communication skills. Career success through lifelong learning, professional development, and research is stressed at all levels of the curriculum. The program is designed to produce graduates prepared to take on leadership duties in the field of Information Technology in general as well as in specific work settings such as healthcare and information security.

Program Format

Core Courses (15 hours – REQUIRED)
ITEC 5100 – Current and Emerging Issues in Information Technology
ITEC 5110 – IT Leadership and Strategic Planning
ITEC 5120 – IT Project Management
ITEC 5140 – Research Methods in Information Technology
ITEC 6900 – Graduate Capstone

Students who wish to specialize in a content area should choose 15 hours in one of the following concentrations:

Information Security & Digital Forensic
ITEC 6200 – Digital Forensics
ITEC 6210 – Network and Cyber Security
ITEC 6240 – Security Policy, Ethics, and the Legal Environment
ITEC 6250 – Disaster Recovery, Planning, and Response
Choose one of the following:
ITEC 6220 – Ethical Hacking
ITEC 6230 – Digital Evidence & Cybercrime

Software Development
ITEC 6400 – Advanced Programming and Data Structures
ITEC 6410 – Object Oriented Analysis and Design
ITEC 6420 – Distributed Enterprise Software
ITEC 6430 – Software Testing and Quality Assurance
ITEC 6450 – Mobile Computing Systems and Applications

Health Informatics
ITEC 6240 – Security Policy, Ethics, and the Legal Environment
ITEC 6250 – Disaster Recovery, Planning, and Response
ITEC 6300 – Advanced Health Information Technology
ITEC 6320 – Advanced Electronic Health Records
ITEC 6340 – Public Health Informatics

Students may also pursue a generalist path by choosing 15 hours from any of the concentrations

Admission Criteria*

*Please see the Office of Graduate Studies Academic Catalog 2015-2016 for definitions of Regular Admission Status and Provisional Admission Status, page 12.

Full Acceptance Requirements
Full Acceptance to the program requires applicants to have earned a bachelor's degree in IT, MIS, CS, or a closely related field (e.g., instructional technology, computer-based technology, or computer education) from an accredited college or university with a GPA of at least 2.5. In addition, the Graduate Record Examination (GRE) is required. The GRE requirements are scores of 140 on the verbal portion, 140 on the quantitative portion, and 3.5 on the analytical writing portion. GRE Waiver: The GRE requirement can be waived if the student has a 3.0 or above GPA. The institutional GRE code is 1602.

Students who have earned a bachelor's degree outside of the IT field should take the following undergraduate courses prior to applying for admission to the program:

  • ITEC 2215 Introduction to Information Technology
  • ITEC 3300 Project Management

Students interested in the Information Security & Digital Forensic concentration should take:

  • ITEC 4200 Foundations of Information Assurance

Students interested in the Software Development concentration should take:

  • ITEC 3264 Data Structures

Students interested in the Health Informatics concentration should take:

  • HLSA 3310 American Health Care System

Priority Acceptance to the Program

Applicant satisfying all required criteria with at least three or more years of experience in an IT environment will be given priority admission.

Acceptance with Academic Requirements

Acceptance with Academic Requirements may be awarded to students who have not satisfied all of the criteria, but who have given evidence that they may succeed in the degree program. A ‘B’ grade or better in the first three courses is required before a student can be converted to Full Acceptance status.

Admission Materials

A statement of purpose must supply a statement of the applicant’s career goals, citing how the MS in IT would assist them in achieving those goals. A current resume must include education, work experience, awards, and any other applicable information. Two letters of recommendation must be current and from the applicant’s former professors and supervisors.

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