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: Office of the President

Office of the President

It’s indeed a pleasure to extend my welcome to all prospective students, parents and friends who might be looking at our website to learn more about Middle Georgia State.

Our college, which dates back to 1884 but which was created anew in early 2013, is a regionally focused institution serving both traditional and non-traditional students as an exciting and unique unit of the University System of Georgia. With five locations, as well as numerous online learning opportunities, no other college has the reach that we do -- with more than 8,100 students we are the third largest Georgia college south of Atlanta.

Our Eastman Campus is home to the School of Aviation, where we operate the only state-funded aviation school in Georgia. Our Cochran Campus serves residential and commuting students and is home to the excellent Georgia Academy for Mathematics, Engineering and Sciences (GAMES). The Macon Campus, which also serves residential and commuting students, continues to enhance student life and will soon add a beautiful recreation and wellness center. Our Warner Robins and Dublin campuses boast excellent facilities and are showing signs of significant growth.

As Middle Georgia State, we have pulled together resources, programs, faculty and staff and are united in our mission of giving students a great learning experience and many enjoyable college memories. United, we stand for greatness that extends beyond orientation, progression and graduation. It stands for the preparation of sophisticated college graduates who are poised to be successful as they pursue their career goals. Additionally, we are on track to become a university within a few years, a step that will give us even greater opportunities to serve Middle Georgia and beyond.

Whether you are a prospective student or someone who is just curious about what this new institution is all about, please explore this website to learn more about the wide array of bachelor’s and associate’s degrees we offer, our vibrant student life and our great sports programs. Better yet, come see us at any of our campuses. We know you’ll find staff and faculty who are devoted to helping students achieve their educational goals so they can improve their own lives, as well as the lives of their family members and the communities where they live.

Dr. Christopher Blake

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