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Learning Scholars

It is with great honor that I introduce MGA's Chancellor Learning Scholars at Middle Georgia State University. As outlined by the USG, the central purpose of the program is "to provide a scalable faculty development structure within each institution that allows more USG faculty to develop and apply evidence-based pedagogies such as High Impact Practices, Transparency in Learning and Teaching, interactive lectures, inclusive pedagogies, and integrated design to their courses to enrich the student learning experience."

This is a new development opportunity, funded and led from the USG, is aimed at improving teaching across all institutions and establishing another option for faculty development. Each Learning Scholar will recruit between 8 and 10 faculty members from within and outside their college, school, or discipline. These small groups or faculty learning communities will meet at least 8 times during the spring semester to explore topics related to the academic mindset, small teaching, inclusive pedagogies, and/or course design. The structure is highly flexible and allows for each group to learn and grow organically as the semester progresses. As shown below, each Scholar has selected an area of interest as a starting point for the faculty learning community to begin.

Please join me in welcoming and congratulating the Scholars listed below.

  • Class of 2018-2020
    • Dr. Rhonda Amerson
    • Mr. Rex Andrews
    • Dr. Doug Bice
    • Dr. Victoria Guarisco
    • Dr. Melissa Jordan
    • Dr. Neil Rigole
  • Class of 2019-2021
    • Dr. Sabrina Wengier