Media, Culture, & the Arts

Welcome to the department that revels in diversity! Our various areas of study include Art, Creative Writing, Film Production, Gender Studies, Interdisciplinary Studies, Modern Language, Music, and New Media and Communication. Faculty members are exceptionally qualified in their areas of instruction. We offer classes through different delivery methods (classroom, online, video-conference, etc.), and welcome visitors to our busy but warm office areas where students and teachers interact.

Cultural events are presented on both main campuses in music. In addition to the annual juried art show featuring works of our students, regular shows appear in the Peacock Gallery on the Cochran campus. Our department is also the point of contact for The Statement, the college’s newspaper, KnighTVision, the campus television initiative, and The Fall Line Review, the student literary magazine.

We have offices located in department headquarters, Room 101 of the College of Arts and Sciences Building at the Macon Campus (enter from the East Parking Lot into the Theatre Arts Complex) and more offices located at the Cochran Campus in Russell Hall at the intersection of Second Street and Sarah Street.

Ms. Becky Carlisle runs the front desk as our Administrative Assistant on the Macon campus. Her phone number is 478.471.5792 with a desk immediately inside the MCA Suite.

Ms. Cindy Hardy provides administrative assistance on the Cochran campus. Her phone number is 478.934.3085 with an office in Russell Hall 100.

From all of us in Media, Culture, and the Arts, we look forward to seeing you on our campuses.

Dr. Robert McTyre, Interim Chair
478.471.5766 in Macon, 478.934.3379 in Cochran.

Dr. Sheree' Keith, Interim Assistant Chair
478.757.7391 in Macon

Program Coordinators

Chrissonia McCall in Admissions is the lead recruiter for Media, Culture, and Arts and can help you with the application process.

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