Department Directory

Media, Culture, and the Arts

Primary Phone: 478.471.5792

Faculty/Staff in Department

NameTitlePhone NumberEmail
Agnew, Charlie - M.F.A. Associate Professor of Art & Art Program Coordinator 478.934.3043
Dr. Bell-Corrales, Maritza Professor of Spanish 478.471.5774
Dr. Brennan, Patrick Professor of English 478.757.2578
Burnette, LaVette Associate Professor of Communication 478.934.3088
Cater, Lauren Assistant Professor of Film Production 478.471.2015
Dr. Chae, Yunsuk Associate Professor of Spanish 478.471.5797
Dr. Clark, N. Alan - PhD Director of Bands 225.270.7722
Crump, Vanessa Associate Professor of Spanish 478.275.6775
Edwards, Rebecca Assistant Professor New Media and Communication 478.934.3108
Hardy, Cindy Administrative Assistant, English Dept. and Media, Culture, & the Arts Dept 478.934.3085
Dr. Keith, Sheree Associate Professor of Communication Studies 478.757.7391
Dr. Lanning, Rebecca Professor of Music, Coordinator of Music 478.471.5773
Dr. Linder, Patricia Associate Professor of Communication Studies 478.934.3119
Dr. Lucas, Gerald Professor of English 478.471.5761
Dr. McTyre, Robert Chair, Associate Professor of Music 478.471.5792
Dr. Nicholson, Andre Assistant Professor of New Media and Communication 478.471.5789
Dr. Norman, Christian Assistant Professor 478.471.5771
Prados, Trino Javier - M.A. M.A. Associate Professor of Spanish & Humanities Special Topics 478.934.3089
Riddle, Shannon Lecturer 478.471.3558
Dr. Sidore, David Professor of English and Media Studies 478.471.5790
Simeral, Tisha Assistant Professor of Music 478.471.2091
Simmons, Lee - M.F.A. Assistant Professor 478.934.3129
Skelton, John Assistant Professor 478-934-3129
Thompson, Marla Assistant Professor of Communication Studies 478.934.3359
Dr. Wengier, Sabrina Assistant Professor of French 478.471.3574
Dr. Whiddon, Kelly Associate Professor 478.471.5788
Young, Adam - M.F.A. English Associate Professor 478.329.4711