The Knight Card

Knight Card Information

The Knight Card is your official identification card for Middle Georgia State. In addition to identification, it also provides access to:

  • Library
  • Game Room
  • Middle Georgia State Health Clinic
  • Middle Georgia State Wellness Center
  • Student events and activities
  • Other campus services
  • University Pointe Apartments
  • Residence Halls
  • MGA Dining

The Knight Card is for the exclusive use of the student, faculty, or staff member to whom it is issued. Since it may have money (Board Plan/Dining Dollars/Duke Dollars) or access privileges, the Knight Card should never be loaned to anyone. Any Knight Card presented for use by anyone other than the card owner will be confiscated and given to the Police Department, who will return the card only to the rightful owner. Abuse of any policy related to the Knight Card may result in student conduct action by the Office of Student Affairs.