Center for Career & Leadership Development

Career Fairs & Networking Opportunities

The Office of Career Development offers a variety of opportunities for students and alumni to connect with employers and graduate school.  To access the most current calendar of these opportunities, activate your Handshake account and access Events in Handshake at  If you are an employer or graduate program seeking more details about our career fairs and recruiting opportunities, please visit our Employer page.

Spring 2021 Virtual Career Career Fairs & Small In-person Events

This spring, we are offering mostly virtual events with a few very small, socially distanced employer pop-ups.  For the virtual career fairs faciliated on Handshake, you get 10 minutes with employers during the 1:1 sessions, making it a great opportunity to sell your skills and experiences.  Virtual fairs mean no lines and a quiet place to talk with a recruiter.  Click here for steps for signing up for virtual career fairs on Handshake.

Robins Air Force Base schedule-A, Diveristy & Inclusion Hiring Info Meeting Sessions
Learn how you might be eligible for consideration under a special hiring program for individuals with physical (could include medical conditions), intellectual/learning, and/or psychiatric disabilites.  Sessions are 30-minutes long and allow you one-on-one time with a HR representative from Robins Air Force Base.
March 11 (Macon & Virtual)
March 25 (Warner Robins & Virtual)
April 8 (Eastman)
April 12 (Cochran & Virtrual)
April 22 (Dublin & Virtual)

Go to  to select your preferred date and medium (on campus or virtual)

Georgia Association of Colleges & Employers:  Statewide Virtual Career Fair
 April 7, 10 a.m. - 4 p.m.

Students and employers can register via the GACE website.  This fair is faciliated using CareerEco.

Aviation Mini Career Fair, City of Eastman Room

Limited to 5 employers.  Best for those who prefer in-person networking and can travel.  Socially distanced and masks required.

April 8,
11 a.m. - 3 p.m.

Student Registration on Handshake

Employer Registration on Handshake

Aviation Employer Virtual Career Fair

Best for employers who cannot travel. Currently most popular option for employers.  Schedule 10-minute one-on-one sessions with employers - no lines and no crowds!

april 14
10 a.m. - 4 p.m.

Student Registration on Handshake

Employer Registration on Handshake


Virtual Employer and Graduate School Sessions

Check Handshake for employer and graduate school sessions open to students at multiple institutions.  These virtual events connect you with a diverse set of opportunities that may be inside or outside the local region.  Our Center also host virtual events with employers and graduate schools that are advertised on Handshake..

Preparing for the Virtual Career Fairs in Handshake

If you have participated in a career fair in the past, many of the same principles apply.  The big difference is scheduling meetings in advance and preparing your technology. 

You must have a Handshake account to participate in our university-sponsored virtual career fairs.  You will also need to update your Handshake profile to include your correct major, GPA, graduation date, and school year.  We recommend adding a professional headshot, skills, and work and club experiences.  You should also add your resume to your profile so that the employers and graduate schools have easy access to your information - this is very important for follow-up after the career fair. If a company asks for additional documents, be sure to upload those to your profile as well.

For instances where the companies you talk to use Handshake's video platform, you want to do a network test prior to the career using this link.  Many employers will add a Zoom link to the group session chat or add it to your individual session join button.

Students:  Use the information below to ensure that you have a good virtual career fair experience.

Career Fair Prep Tips

Handshake's Guide to Attending a Virtual Career Fair

Instructions for Registering and Scheduling Sessions

Technical Requirements and Troubleshooting Guide for the Handshake Virtual Fair (Students)

Employers:  Use Handshake's Virtual Fair Launch Kit as you plan for your career fair experience.  Contact our staff for individual assistance prior to or the day of the career fair.

Contacting Us for Assistance 

Prior to the virtual career fairs, we recommend getting a career advisor to review your resume.  You can email your resume to  or upload to Handshake for a quick review.  In addition, you can schedule an appointment in Handshake by going to "Career Center" and then "Appointments."