Chancellors Learning Scholars

Middle Georgia State University is proud to introduce the first set of Chancellor’s Learning Scholars (CLS). The CLS program has been established by the University System of Georgia for the purpose of creating positive and innovative changes in teaching practices. The faculty listed below will be recruiting and coordinating Faculty Learning Communities (FLCs) from within and outside their college, school, or discipline. Faculty participating in an FLC will have the opportunity to engage in sustained, meaningful conversations about teaching and learning with supportive colleagues from across the MGA campuses.

FLCs will meet at least 8 times during the spring semester. The structure is highly flexible and allows for each group to learn and grow organically as the semester progresses. As shown below, each Scholar has selected an area of interest as a starting point for the faculty learning community to begin.

Should you desire to participate, please contact the Scholars directly. We encourage all faculty to consider this unique opportunity to explore a topic with their colleagues this spring semester.

Area of Interest

Dr. Rhonda Amerson

Expanding small teaching pedagogies

Members will explore the relationship between small teaching practices in higher education and high leverage teaching practices in K-12 special education. Resources to be used include High Leverage Practices in Special Education and Small Teaching: Everyday Lessons from the Science of Learning.

Mr. Rex Andrews

Mindset/small teaching

Dr. Doug Bice

Readings on mindset, pedagogy, and small teaching

Dr. Victoria Guarisco

Small Teaching to change the Mindset of Faculty and Students

This group will explore how faculty can use Small Teaching concepts and innovative methodologies to better engage and help students think in constructive ways. As these small changes are made, student and faculty Mindsets will be considered.

Dr. Melissa Jordan

Small teaching practices to assist in the advancement of Mindset for faculty and students

Members of this faculty learning community will examine small teaching principles that will open the door to facilitate improvements for better student learning. Focus will be on the expansion and improvement of writing skills in higher education through faculty practicing small teaching concepts.

Dr. Neil Rigole

Mindset in graduate instruction


At the end of the program, CLS and FLC participants should be able to point to a change or innovation they have made in their classroom or to an assignment, activity, or course material as a result of their participation.