Contracts & Grants

The Contracts and Grants office monitors grants and contracts for compliance with Federal, State, and local guidelines, regulations, and laws. Other duties include the following:

  • Monitor reporting requirements of all Contracts and Grants;
  • Assist with Budget and Proposal Development of each grant;
  • Monitor expenditures for compliance with applicable regulations;
  • Maintain the “official” grant file of the College; and
  • Follow records retention guidelines.

Faculty and staff interested in applying for a grant should proceed as outlined below and see the "Grant Proposal Submission Flow Chart" (also below):

  • Discuss idea with immediate supervisor and Dean of School or Department Head to obtain approval to proceed.
  • Submit Notice of Intent to Apply form at least 6 weeks prior to the application due date to Contracts and Grants Office. When this is not possible due to short notice opportunities, please contact the Contracts and Grants Managerfor modified instructions.
  • Draft proposal based on Grantor guidelines.
  • Submit proposal with Proposal Approval Form at least 2 weeks prior to due date to Contracts and Grants Office for final approvals.
  • Contracts and Grants Office submits proposal to grantor.
  • Official grant files are maintained in the Contracts and Grants Office for audit purposes.

The Grant Proposal Submission Flow Chart outlines the proposal process to be followed when applying for grants.

The Contracts and Grants Manager is also the Authorized Organizational Representative (AOR) for the College.