COVID-19 Cases at MGA

Middle Georgia State University has ceased maintaining this reporting effective May 15, 2022. Historical self-reported positive COVID-19 cases are noted below.

Cumulative Reported Cases YTD (Academic Year 2021-2022) - Ended 5/15/2022

    Students Employees
Cochran Direct 116 17
Indirect 47 8
Dublin Direct 22 4
Indirect 15 2
Eastman Direct 49 11
Indirect 10 1
Macon Direct


Indirect 96 20
Warner Robins Direct 13 3
Indirect 18 1
Online Direct 4 0
Indirect 53 1
Total Direct 343 76
Indirect 239 33
Cumulative Cases 582 109

Previous Reported Positive Cases

Previous Cases YTD

Definitions & clarification

DIRECT ON-CAMPUS IMPACT – individual was on an MGA campus within 2 days of symptom onset or receiving a positive test. If individual was not on campus during this time frame, the case is considered without direct on-campus impact.

INDIRECT ON-CAMPUS IMPACT – individual does not report being on an MGA campus within 2 days of symptom onset or receiving a positive test.

YTD (Year to Date) – The 2021-2022 YTD data is for all cases that have reported to MGA in for  August 1, 2021- May 15, 2022.The data for August 2020-July 2021 is archived on this page. Weekly reports from the previous year have also been archived.

Reported Positive Cases – Positive cases are counted based on the date the confirmed positive case is self-reported to the University, NOT the actual date of the positive COVID test.

Employees – Employees include full-time and part-time employees and may also include contractor employees who regularly work on our campuses. Students who are employed part-time are reported within the student counts.