Campus Guidelines

Have Symptoms or been exposed?


As we begin Spring Semester 2021, we ask that all MGA community members continue to follow the safety precautions that were established during 2020.  The situation surrounding COVID-19 will continue to change rapidly, so these guidelines and best practices will likely change over time to prioritize the health and safety of our campus community. 

The below information explains the guidelines, practices, and policies that have been implemented at MGA, why those guidelines are in place, and best practices that all community members should follow to help keep themselves and their fellow Knights safe.  For a detailed outline of COVID-19 guidelines, please see the Return to Campus Plan (below).

This page will be updated frequently as new information becomes available; please check back often. 

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Preventative Practices

MGA will adhere to all current USG workplace health and safety guidance and all current executive orders issued by the Office of Governor Brian Kemp. 

During Spring 2021, we will continue to observe social distancing, face covering, and other preventative practices for all campus operations, and we will share information about COVID-19 vaccination.

Sanitation Practices

As MGA employees and students return to our campuses, we will intensify our efforts to clean and disinfect our facilities. Facilities employees will clean and disinfect high traffic/high touch areas at regular intervals. Faculty and staff are encouraged to clean their personal workspaces daily, and cleaning supplies will be provided. Students may also be asked to take additional efforts to wipe down shared items and spaces with provided sanitizing wipes. Plexiglass barriers, seating removal/configurations, and additional hand sanitizing stations will be deployed throughout campuses. Facilities staff and independent facilities contractors will clean and disinfect high traffic/high touch areas at regular intervals:

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Daily Wellness Check and Screening


If You Get Sick

If you begin to show the symptoms of or test positive for COVID-19, you should report the illness immediately:

Step 1: Communicate

1. As soon as you begin showing symptoms,receive a positive test result, or have had close exposure to someone who has testing positive for COVID-19, you should report this information to:

  • Students: Inform your faculty members/instructors
  • Students who live in housing: Inform your Resident Assistant (RA)
  • Employees: Inform your supervisor

2. Complete and submit the MGA self-reporting form

3. Contact your primary care doctor for guidance regarding a medical evaluation, or visit the COVID-19 Testing page for information on how you can obtain a COVID-19 test.


Step 2: Evacuate and Isolate


If you become ill while working on campus, you should immediately go home. If possible, avoid all public transportation, ridesharing, or taxis.

If you become ill while off campus, you should not come to campus.

For either situation, follow the guidance here for returning to campus.

  • Do not leave your home, except to get medical care. Do not visit public areas or return to campus.
  • Monitor yourself for symptoms of COVID-19, which include fever, cough, and shortness of breath. Other symptoms may be present as well.
  • Take care of yourself. Get rest and stay hydrated.
  • Stay in touch with your doctor. Call before you get medical care. Be sure to get care if you have trouble breathing, have any other emergency warning signs, or if you think it is an emergency.
  • Follow care instructions from your healthcare provider and local health department. Your local health authorities may give instructions for checking your symptoms and reporting information.
  • Separate yourself from other people. You will be required to self-isolate until the appropriate return-to-campus criteria are met.
  • In the “COVID-19 Vaccine Information” accordion, add the following paragraph after the first paragraph (just above the “How do I get a COVID-19 Vaccine” header):