Message from the Editor-in-Chief

I welcome you to this lively discussion by scholars committed to this topic, Cultural Studies, and to their fields of study. Whether you are a contributor or a reader (or both!), we thank you for being part of the process of building understanding, both locally and holistically, synchronically and diachronically, writing from within and looking in from without, as we seek to cast light also on the processes that guide our lives, our thinking, and ultimately our actions as members of communities of human language. Editorially we seek the “high ground” provided by a commitment to observation fed by feelings of curiosity and wonder at the complexities of culture and of the people who live within them. We are excited that our e-journal format will enhance both international contributions to our content and ease of access for our readers. Happy reading!

Dr. Christopher Cairney


Dr. Christopher Cairney, Editor in Chief
Christopher Cairney