Disability Support Services coordinates and provides a variety of services for students with physical and learning disabilities. Our aim is to ensure that students with disabilities have equal access to all programs offered at Middle Georgia State University. Services may include:

  • Access and orientation to campus
  • Assistance in obtaining textbooks and course materials in alternate format (large print, taped tests, etc.)
  • Adaptations for exams such as extended time and testing in a distraction free environment
  • Assistive technology

To qualify for services, students must have a verifiable disability by providing current documentation from a qualified health professional. It is important to note that in order to provide auxiliary aids and reasonable accommodations, advanced notice is required.

Disability Support Services is available on all five campuses. Academic accommodations for courses at Middle Georgia State University may include:

  • Extended times for tests
  • Modification of test format
  • Test proctor to read test
  • Test proctor to transcribe test
  • Test administration
  • Quiet and private testing
  • Arrangements must be made ahead of time with professor
  • Must be reasonable and provide student with equal opportunity for academic success
  • Can be individualized and flexible based on student's documented disability
  • Responsibility of student to identify the need to his/her professor during first week of class
  • Must not lower class expectations or academic requirements
  • Advance notice of assignments
  • Special seating or accessible classroom/location/furniture
  • Auxiliary aids and services