Faculty and Staff Web Usage Survey

The new www.mga.edu website has been live since August 2017. In the past few months, many members of the campus community have worked with the Office of Technology Resources to recommend changes, updates, and other improvements to the site. We appreciate your feedback – while there may be a single moment when a new website goes live, the process of transitioning to a new web presence is a long process with many moving parts.

The Faculty Senate has requested and President Blake has authorized a short survey for faculty and staff, to actively seek feedback into the use and functionality of the new website. Please take a few minutes to answer the questions below, as your feedback will be important as the Office of Technology Resources moves forward with two projects centered around the site:

  • First, the new intranet is under development and will begin rolling out in early 2018. This new site will come in two phases – the first is a redesigned "Faculty/Staff" homepage, featuring easier navigation and more commonly used links appearing directly on the page. The second phase will include single sign on to all password-protected areas of the site, including email, SWORDS, D2L, and others.
  • Second, OTR has already begun handing off control of individual units’ web content to those units. This process is taking place gradually; units with more frequently-updated content will be handed off first, with other units to follow. If you’re ready to take control of your area’s content on the www.mga.edu website, you can contact to discuss the transition. The individual(s) selected as content managers for your area will be required to receive training from OTR on using the Content Management System that powers www.mga.edu as well as keeping content within the appropriate style guides.

As always, if you have any corrections, updates, or suggestions for the website, you can communicate those to the Office of Technology Resources via an email to . Thank you for taking the time to complete this web user survey.