Faculty/Staff Campaign 2017

Each of us has a passion. It may be related to family, work, friends, or other interests. The passion we share at Middle Georgia State every day helps make it a great place to work, learn and serve. Our gifts in support of its mission encourage others to recognize that MGA reaches far beyond its campus boundaries.

Each year, the Faculty and Staff Campaign encourages us to pause and take notice of the impact of private support on our University. With each campaign, there is an underlying reason for giving. Some of us give to support student scholarships. Others give to help enhance our classrooms and the quality of our programs. Or we give to support efforts that cannot be paid for with state funds. Whatever reason we choose to contribute, we all give because we genuinely care about the educational mission of Middle Georgia State University and the students we serve.

Many have made a commitment to this effort already, and we are extremely thankful! For those who are new to Middle Georgia or have not yet thought about making a gift, please consider participating in the 2017 Annual Faculty and Staff Campaign. Having a high percentage of faculty and staff members that endorse the university in this way says that we care about the institution and want to see it thrive. This commitment speaks volumes to our community, our donors and our students.

Our Goal for 2017 is $87,000.

You can help make a difference at MGA by supporting your passion in a variety of ways.

Remember, payroll deduction is the easiest form of giving.

  • $5 per month = $60 annual gift
  • $10 per month = $120 annual gift
  • $20 per month = $240 annual gift
  • $50 per month = $600 annual gift
  • $90 per month = $1,080 annual gift – A gift this size would qualify you as a member of the “President’s Circle.” 34 members of our faculty and staff were members last year. Click here to learn more.

Give to Greatness

I value giving because I am a beneficiary of scholarships. I had the privilege and honor to receive athletic scholarships to help pay for my college education. By giving to our Faculty/Staff Campaign, you can directly support specific campus programs and initiatives you value the most. Furthermore, your gift encourages additional support of our mission from alumni, friends, and other organizations. The generosity of faculty and staff is a true indicator of pride for Middle Georgia State University. Please take this opportunity to think about making a financial contribution to our Faculty/Staff Campaign. Finally, your support will help provide more opportunities for our students and strengthen our institution’s core values: Stewardship, Engagement, Adaptability and Learning.
Go Knights!

– Anderson Ligon, Associate Professor of Business, Head Women’s Basketball Coach, Co-chair Faculty/Staff Campaign

In 1997 the former Macon State College was located only 10 minutes from my family home and had always been my first choice for obtaining a degree, but I had no idea of how to afford a college education. In my small family I was the quiet, middle child with modest B+ grades, raised by working class folks. There had been no college savings and regretfully no assistance with the financial burden of college. I can still remember the anxiety of navigating the college campus, completing the enrollment paperwork, and registering for classes, but truly it was the process of “remitting payment” that proved to be the tipping point.

My first year ended terribly as I struggled to work full-time at the local grocery story to meet the cost of tuition, transportation, and books while taking a full load of five classes. Two years behind my expected graduating class I finally completed my bachelors degree followed by a masters and PhD, but I have often wondered how my journey might have differed with just a little financial support beginning in 1997. Maybe I would have gained higher grades or enjoyed a robust collegiate experience filled with engaging student activities; maybe I would have selected an entirely different major with the opportunity to work less and study more. I’ll never know how my path may have changed without that tremendous financial burden, but today I give because despite raising four college-aged kids, my husband and I agree that “a little” is actually “a lot” in the life of someone who is starting with zero. We give as a sign of support to education, to the university, and to our community.

– Dr. Melinda Robinson-Moffett, Director of Career Services, Co-chair Faculty/Staff Campaign