In the Know

Biometric Screenings & Flu Shot Updates

This is friendly reminder that MGA will be offering on-site biometric screenings and flu shots for employees and spouses enrolled in a USG healthcare plan. Please denote the following:

  • All participants should bring their photo and healthcare ID cards to the event.
  • The event for the Cochran campus has been changed to Wednesday, November 17. The deadline to register is October 23.
  • For biometric screenings, participants must schedule an appointment through the USG Well-being platform. Registration for the Macon campus is closed.
  • Flu shots will be administered by CVS Pharmacy. A separate registration link has been provided to schedule an appointment. CVS will pursue payment from the healthcare coverage plan, if available. If CVS cannot bill insurance for the services, CVS will charge the eligible participant’s usual and customary price for the flu vaccination.
  • Visit our HR Wellness page to register for both the biometric screening and flu shot and for specific details for your campus location.

2022 Open Enrollment

The 2022 USG Open Enrollment begins October 25 and ends on November 5, 2021. During the week of October 25th, you can attend the USG Virtual Benefits Fair and chat with benefit representatives. For detailed Open Enrollment information and to register for the USG Virtual Benefits Fair, visit

Spring 2022 TAP Deadline

The University System of Georgia (USG) has established an educational assistance program, the Tuition Assistance Program (TAP). The purpose of TAP is to foster the professional growth and development of its eligible employees. The tuition assistance program is available to full-time benefits-eligible employees of the USG who have successfully completed at least six (6) months of employment in a benefits-eligible position, as of the date of the TAP application deadline for the desired academic semester.

If you wish to participate in the Tuition Assistance Program during the Spring 2022 semester:

  1. Please complete the TAP Application and have it approved by your immediate supervisor. Note: this is a fillable form that can be signed electronically.
  2. All approved applications are to be sent to .
  3. The deadline to submit TAP applications for Spring 2022 is Monday, November 15, 2021 (this is a firm date).
  4. Place your OneUSG ID number (found on your pay statement) in the Employee ID# field. This is not your 983 number.
  5. Be sure to include your student ID# issued by the teaching institution where you are taking class(es).

Please note that there is a different application for Part-Time Nursing Faculty Nursing TAP Application. The TAP Policy requires Human Resources to submit this form to the Board of Regents TAP Nursing Coordinator no later than November, 2021. This means that the deadline for Part-Time Nursing TAP applications to be received in Human Resources is Friday, November 12, 2021.

Links to the TAP Policy, Application Form, Frequently Asked Questions, TAP Registration Dates, and TAP Coordinators may be found at the TAP website

OneUSG Careers

The Office of Human Resources has begun transitioning to the enhanced OneUSG Careers platform for handling recruitment (job postings). The Recruitment module will replace our manual process. As we begin to utilize OneUSG Careers as our primary platform for job postings, we will begin removing or transitioning current postings from our MGA employment page and update the site with a direct link to Careers.

We are extremely excited about this functionality and the positive impact it will have on a number of our HR business processes. Training is ongoing and will be provided to all managers and supervisors. We will continue to provide updates as we move through the various components of OneUSG Careers.