10018700 Assistant Chief of Flight

Staff Application - please complete and email with supporting documents
School/Department: Flight - Fixed Wing
Primary Location: Macon Downtown Airport
Position: Staff
Job Type: Full Time
Position Close Date: Until Filled


This is a full time benefited position designed to aid the department with providing leadership of the department alongside the Chief Flight Instructor at the Eastman and Adel airport. This position will be able to serve in the same capacity as the chief instructor upon his absence. This position is FAA approved and will represent the school according to FAA standards. This position is in charge of stage check instructors, and flight instructors the assistant Chief will also be instructing senior students toward their FAA certificates and ratings. The position reports to the chief flight instructor. May be required to begin work at the Eastman campus prior to being assigned to Adel campus


Must possess Federal Aviation Administration issued Certified flight instructor certificate with flight instructor instrument privileges (ASEL). This must be accompanied by a commercial (ASEL) certificate (ATP preferred) with instrument privileges. A valid 2nd class medical certificate free of any operational restrictions and no pending FAA investigations. The experience needed to become FAA approved is a minimum of 1000 hours as a flight instructor. A master’s degree preferred, bachelor’s degree required. A background check will be administered by MGA.

SALARY: Pay Grad 21


Until position is filled


Application materials should be emailed as a Microsoft Word or Adobe.pdf attachment to: recruitment@mga.edu with the subject line “Assistant Chief Flight Instructor – Adel”. Application materials are to include MGA application, cover letter, and three references. Paper application materials will not be accepted.

Background checks will be conducted on all final candidates. 

Staff Application - please complete and email with supporting documents

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