Supplemental Instruction Leader

Student Application
School/Department: Student Success Center
Primary Location: Multiple Locations
Position: Student
Job Type: Part Time
Position Close Date: Until Filled

Job Description

Supplemental Instruction (SI) is a learning enhancement program for undergraduate students, which consists of a series of weekly sessions for students taking historically difficult courses. SI Sessions are open to all students who want to improve their understanding of the course material, as well as their grades. Attendance is voluntary and offers students the opportunity to collaborate with classmates on comparing lecture notes, discussing important concepts, and developing strategies for studying.

SI study sessions are led by SI leaders, competent students who have previously taken the historically difficult course and reached success. SI Leaders attend class with the students, take notes, and complete all necessary class reading and homework assignments. SI Leaders help students reinforce knowledge from class lectures and assignments and offer helpful tips to integrate “how to learn” with “what to learn.”


  1. Undergraduate student with an overall GPA of 3.0 or above (on a 4.0 scale)
  2. Grade of A in the SI course, taken either at MGA or transfer institution.
  3. Two recommendations from faculty/staff members on campus; at least one must be completed by a faculty member (professor in the subject area for which you are applying is preferred).
  4. Exhibited course content-competency (to be determined by academic transcript and the faculty/staff submitting the recommendation form).
  5. Effective interpersonal and communication skills (to be determined by the SI Staff throughout the application/interview processes).
  6. Relevant experience to position responsibilities (prior experience in academic support, tutoring, mentoring, etc. is preferred)

Primary Responsibilities of SI Leader

  1. Attend all class meetings of the assigned course section(s).
    1. Exhibit positive academic behaviors and engagement by taking notes, reading assigned materials including text(s) and supplemental readings, and completing homework assignments/quizzes when necessary.
  2. Maintain communication with the assigned SI Faculty member throughout the semester
  3. Conduct three 50-minute SI Sessions per week throughout the term using strategies or collaborative learning techniques learned in SI Leader Training.
    1. Spend up to one hour planning for SI Sessions and submit a session plan prior to each session held.
    2. Develop and provide handouts for participants to use during SI Sessions, when necessary.
    3. Collect attendance data for every SI Session using the attendance collection and submission protocol outlined by SI staff.
    4. Schedule 2-hour exam review sessions, when necessary, by following the Schedule Change Request Form process by the submission deadline provided.
  4. Promote the SI Program throughout the semester and provide updates to all students enrolled in assigned course section(s) frequently.
    1. Make announcements during each class meeting about pertinent SI Session information.
    2. Consider previewing the topics that will be covered in SI Sessions during the given week.
  5. Attend all Bi-weekly Staff Meetings during assigned meeting time.
    1. Actively engage/participate in group discussions and activities.
    2. Submit accurate work records via the paper timesheets provided.
    3. Notify Coordinator of SI with conflicts as soon as possible, and attend another available meeting time when necessary.
  6. Maintain contact with an SI Supervisor throughout the semester.
    1. Discuss observations from SI Sessions, including the creation and utilization of SI Session plans, collaborative learning techniques, and handouts.
    2. Promptly notify an SI Supervisor about issues encountered or potential problems that need to be addressed.

Additional/Logistical Responsibilities of SI Leader

  1. Complete all necessary personnel paperwork, and accurately submit all hours worked via ITAMS by the submission deadline provided.
  2. Attend SSC/SI Leader Training, scheduled for the two days prior to the start of classes.
  3. Communicate scheduling needs and availability accurately before the semester begins, and relay any changes to SI Staff members in a timely manner. 4.
  4. Maintain confidentiality about matters such as class standards, grades, and student complaints.
  5. Ensure that all surveys/evaluations are distributed to and collected from all enrolled students in assigned course section(s).
  6. Model appropriate professional attitudes and behaviors, and serve as a resource to staff, students and other members of the USC community.
  7. Complete other duties/tasks as assigned by the SSC Coordinator.

Reporting Structure

This position requires approximately 9-10 hours per week, paid hourly at a rate of $15/hr. SI Leaders report to the Director of the SSC and to the Coordinators of the SSC.

Other Information

Must qualify for Federal Work Study.


Student Application

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