Leadership Development Opportunities

MGA is proud to announce multiple new initiatives for identifying, developing, and supporting leadership development within the University. Developing the leaders who are already a part of the team is key to retaining the best talent.

During FY2017, the leadership development opportunities available to MGA employees include the following:

  • Inaugural year of the soon-to-be named MGA Leadership Institute – This internal leadership institute will be open to both faculty and staff and will develop high-potential employees who are ready to develop their leadership skills as well as learn more about MGA and the communities in which we operate.
  • USG's Executive Leadership Institute – A comprehensive 120-hour development program facilitated by leading experts in leadership. Scholars will enhance their leadership skills to prepare for potential high-level advancement within the System.

The University is interested in providing an opportunity for employees to get engaged with Community Based Leadership Development Programs, some of which are outlined below. With all of these programs there is an application process and there is no guarantee that you will be accepted. These are community-based programs and many require that participants live in the county where the programs are offered.

  • Leadership Robins Regional, sponsored by the Robins Regional Chamber of Commerce – Nominations and applications are accepted in early fall. Program begins in January with a retreat. Class meets monthly for the entire year. Program is designed for emerging leaders. Homework and class project are both required.
  • Perry Leadership Institute, sponsored by the Perry Chamber of Commerce.- Nominations and applications accepted in early fall with program beginning in January with a two day retreat. Classes are a series of facilitated sessions and tours of with the following themes. State government, County government, education, health and human services, economic development, industry, Robins AFB and tourism.
  • Leadership Dodge County – sponsored by the Dodge County Chamber of Commerce. Designed for emerging leaders in Dodge County. Applications accepted in early fall.
  • Leadership Macon - sponsored by the Greater Macon Chamber of Commerce. Deadline for application is October 10, 2016. During the course of one year, several speakers and facilitators discuss challenging changes, complex situations, and various viewpoints. The topics change from year to year depending on the pulse of the community. Past topics have included: economic development, education, health care, housing and race relations. The program starts with a mandatory retreat in January and meets monthly from February through November with a graduation in December.
  • Leadership Dublin-Laurens-County – sponsored by a non-profit organization, this program emphasizes giving back to the Dublin-Laurens community. The Programs are usually sponsored September through May. There are six face-to-face learning sessions (one half day each), one full-day session and a two day weekend retreat. The leadership retreat is mandatory.

The University will sponsor one person for each program. If you are interested in having your name submitted for consideration for any of the programs mentioned in this correspondence, contact Vicky Smith, director of human resources at . The deadline for submitting your name for consideration is the close of business on Thursday, October 6, 2016. In contacting Vicky, please identify the program that you are interested in and submit a one page summary of your background, interests, community involvement, etc. In all instances you must have prior approval from your immediate supervisor for participation.