Academic Programs

Master's Degrees

Bachelor's Degrees

  • Information Technology-B.S. (Curriculum)


    • Critical Infrastructure Management (Macon, Online)
    • Cybersecurity (Cochran, Macon, Warner Robins, Online)
    • Cyber Forensics (Macon, Online)
    • Web Applications Development (Macon, Online)
    • Software Engineering (Macon, Warner Robins, Online)
    • Networking Technologies and Administration (Cochran, Macon, Online)
    • Integrated Digital Media and Game Design (Macon, Online)
    • Health Informatics (Online)

Associate's Degrees

Certificates (< 1 year)

  • Cybersecurity-Cert (Curriculum) (Cochran, Macon, Warner Robins, Online)
  • Financial Technology-Cert (Curriculum) (Online)
  • Network Administration-Cert (Curriculum) (Cochran, Macon, Online)
  • Web Design-Cert (Curriculum) (Macon, Online)