Institutional Research Calendar

Strategic Plan Scorecard January (halfway) & July (full year) Ongoing
IPEDS January to February Annually
Academic Affairs Annual Report December to July Annually 
NSSE Survey February to June Every 3 years or as mandated by BOR
CPR February to May Annually
Wintergreen Orchard House March Annually
Peterson's Graduate & Professional Institutions March Annually
US News & World Report

April to May

August to September

Academic Assessments July to Nov. Annually
Complete College GA July to September Annually
Stop-Out Survey January to February & August to September Fall & Spring semester
Student Achievements December & May Annually
Student Experience Survey December to March Fall semester
Fall QuickFacts due by March Ongoing
Factbook due by March Ongoing
Common Data Set (CDS) Ongoing
College Board Annually
QEP Every 5 years (due again March 15, 2022). Fifth year interim report.