Email Signature Instructions

Email signatures are a part of institutional branding. We ask that all faculty/staff use the branded email signatures - only contact information should be included in the signature. No other information (quotes, images, etc.) should be included.

There are two versions of the official MGA signature block:

  • A branded HTML version for use in desktop email apps and some mobile email apps for new messages.  
  • A text-only version for use in:
    • All email apps for replies
    • Any email app that doesn't support HTML signatures for all messages.  (Android's stock email app, older versions of Mail for iOS, older versions of webmail)

To create/update your email signature:

  1. Use one of the links below to open instructions for editing the signature block in your email app (links open in a new tab/window):
  2. Copy-and-paste the HTML branded signature block to your email app, and replace the generic information with your personal information.

    • For some email apps (like Outlook Webmail) you may need to copy and paste each each image individually for them to copy correctly.
    • If your department/office has its own social media account(s), you may choose to change the social media links at the bottom of the HTML signature block to point to your department/office account(s) instead of the institutional accounts. In Outlook, do this by selecting each image individually and clicking the "hyperlink" button (a globe with a short chain). Replace the link with the appropriate social media URL.
  3. To add the text-only signature (Replies from desktop email apps, all messages from other email apps), copy-and-paste the below into your email app and replace the generic information with your specific info.

Jonathan Longername
Vice President
Institutional Advancement
Middle Georgia State University
100 University Parkway, Macon, Georgia  31206
O: 478.471.0000  F: 478.471.0000


Profile Picture Information

  • User profile pictures in Microsoft Office programs should contain only professional-attire photographs of the user. Other photos should not be used. Profile pictures are not required.