Middle Georgia State MVP: Chelsia A’Rielle Turner

Author: News Bureau
Posted: Monday, March 17, 2014 5:55 PM
Category: Finding Greatness

Macon, GA

Dublin Campus student leader Chelsia A’Rielle Turner hopes to build on a MGSC psychology degree and someday open a clinical practice with her brothers.

Full Name: Chelsia A'Rielle Turner.

Age: 19.

Hometown: Atlanta.

Residence: Dublin.

High School: West Laurens High School, where she participated in Art Club, FFA and Chorus.

Family: “My mother is Denise Turner and my father is Nicholas Turner Sr. I’m the oldest and have 3
younger brothers: Nicholas Turner Jr., Matthew Turner and Lorenzo Turner.”

Degree Objective: Bachelor of Science in Psychology.

Class Rank: Freshman.

Primary Campus: Dublin.

Activities: “I've volunteered for the Laurens County Humane Society and I actively participate in local blood drives.”

Career Goals: “I want to get my Ph.D. in psychology and start my own practice in Atlanta with
my brothers, who also want to go to college to major in psychology.”

She chose Middle Georgia State College because … “It’s close to home, isn't costly and isn’t intimidating. Although the Dublin Campus is not large it offers many of the same opportunities as other campuses. But at the end of the day, we're all one college.”

The one thing that surprised her about Middle Georgia State was … “The friendliness of the staff and faculty. I was open to attending a number of schools it seemed like they only saw me as a number. The faculty and staff at Middle Georgia State are totally different. They're nice, helpful and never rush you or make you feel like you're irritating them. You're not just your 987 number, you're treated as an actual person. I think all colleges should be that way.”

Her favorite professor is … “All of my professors are wonderful but my favorite would definitely be Dr. Logan Burns. I love literature and he takes it to a whole new level for me. His multi-view thinking encourages the class to break down stories from numerous aspects. I've learned that one story can have multiple themes and points. I never thought of literature so deeply before Dr. Burns.”

Her favorite place to study is … “I love to study in my car. It may sound silly, but it’s the only place that I can study peacefully, other than the school library. Whenever I’m home and the library is closed, you can find me in my car, with books on my lap and a pencil in hand.”

One thing people don’t know about her is … “I absolutely love animals. I've volunteered at the
Laurens County Humane Society for about two years. I've never experienced something so
heartening before. It’s so amazing to me how a dog can give so much affection towards a human
it doesn’t know, even after they've been abused or mistreated. I can't speak for every humane
society but Laurens County Humane Society has some of the friendliest dogs I've ever met.”

Her friends make fun of her because … “My clumsiness. I have this weird thing about me
where I can’t help bumping into things. It's not normal at all, and my friends will watch
me trip over objects and knock things over and not hesitate to embarrass me with their loud

The one person she’d most like to meet is … “I would absolutely love to meet Janelle Monae. She's a great R&B/soul singer. Although she’s relatively new to the music world, she quickly made a name for herself by being unique in her style and the way she carries herself.”

Five years from now she sees herself … “Graduating with a bachelor's degree in psychology and interning with a psychologist in Atlanta. My goal will still be to get my Ph.D., no matter what.”