Students Honored For Organization Leadership

Author: News Bureau
Posted: Wednesday, April 30, 2014 1:08 PM
Category: Students

Macon, GA

More than 100 Middle Georgia State students were recognized for their leadership in college organizations at spring 2014 ceremonies held on all five campuses.

Here, by campus, is a list of the honorees and the organization, club, unit or service for which each received leadership awards:

Macon Campus

Markcus Lawson, Academic Resource Center Tutoring.

Camille Mickalonis, Accounting Club.

Jodi Hobbs, Association of Healthcare Executive Students.

Ondreya Grant, Black Student Unification.

Jarvis Battle, Campus Activities Board.

Robert Banks, The Chamber Singers.

Jeffrey “Billy” Stephens, Club Football.

Carina Tipton, English Studies Organization.

Danielle Quesenberry, The Fall Line Review.

Kay Miller, Gay Straight Alliance.

Danyae Harrison, German Club.

Jessica James, History Student Organization.

Kristin Hanlin Rommel, Honors Student Association.

Mary Beth McConnell, International Students and Studies Association.

Kenneth “K.C.” Styers, KnightVision.

Craig Bass, Men of Distinction.

Me Me Usanga, Model African Union.

Jennifer Martin, National Society of Leadership and Success.

Patrick Goodman, Powers N Numbers Math Club.

Kentavius Haynes, Residence Life – College Station.

Nadine Epperson, The Statement.

Alexis Meeks, Women’s Studies Association.

Student Government Association Awards:
Wesley Sewell, MGSC SGA President and Macon Campus SGA Director
Elizabeth Kringer, Assistant Director
Shaq Carswell, Secretary/Treasurer
Tiffany Barragan
Shari Dexter
Tyler Horne
Kayla Drew Johnson
Markcus Lawson
Joshua Maddox
Disha Patel
Tanya Radisich

Who's Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges:
Courtney Christmas
Larrica Clark
Angie Dupree
Eilene Epperson
Patrick Goodman
Kristin Hanlin Rommel
Erika Jackson
Melissa Kutay
Mary Beth McConnell
Helen Mercer
Christopher Monos
Christa Moore
Aubrey Mullen
Robert Smith
Lonel Thompson
Zeineb Yousif

Cochran Campus

Michaela Yip, Academic Resource Center Tutoring.

Kandace Miller, ANIME Club.

Marcus Jefferson, Brothers of Leadership and Distinction.

Jaylyn Jones, Women’s Basketball Team.

Kenya Usher, Campus Activities Board.

Jessica R. Trottier, The Canterbury Club.

Jordan Brinson, Basketball Cheerleading.

Brooke Brown, Club Football Cheerleading.

Zachary Cooper, Georgia Academy of Aviation, Mathematics, Engineering and Sciences (GAMES).

Gerry Reaves, Intramural Sports.

Meghan Tippett, Latter-Day Saints Student Association

Michaela Yip, Mock Mediation Team.

Gerry Reaves, Gateway Residence Hall.

Ashley Robinson, Harris Hall.

Robbie Millspaugh, Regents Hall.

Alexandria Purcell, Sigma Kappa Delta.

Andrew Louis Preston, Men’s Soccer.

Trehy Roisin, Women’s Soccer.

Myia Vaughn, Sociology Club.

Braden Gilleland, Southeast Model African Union.

Leshia Hall, The Student Art League.

Brantley Stone, Men’s Tennis.

Elizabeth Culpepper, Women’s Tennis.

Gabrielle Vojtech, The Theatre Club.

Student Government Association Awards:
Elijah Maurice, Director
Rodney Mack, Assistant Director
Danielle Stacey - Secretary
Monika Evans
Hope D’onna Fuqua
Monique Ogunsusi
Charlie Parks
LaDeidra Ponder
Caleb Scott
Vivek Sreepathi
Kenya Usher

Who's Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges:
Jordan Brinson
Ryan Colvard
Zachary Cooper
Justin Ellison
Harrison Grier
Marissa Holder
Mauri Jarrard
Kourtney Morrison
Allen Stewart
Corey Stewart
Tevin West

Dublin Campus

Austin Jones, Academic Resource Center Tutoring.

Josh Evans, ANIME Club.

Cameron Bailey, Multi-Cultural Association.

Student Government Association Awards:
Mikaela Clark, Director
Lilly Donnell, Assistant Director
Tony Solen – Secretary/Treasurer
Janet Collins
Napoleon Harris
Ethan He
Brian White

Who's Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges:
Elizabeth Chapman
Austin Jones

Eastman Campus

Anthony Irving, Academic Resource Center Tutoring.

Dakoda Neilson, Aeronautics Club.

Hadrien LaBlond, Alpha Eta Rho.

Travis L. Pickens, Organization of Black Aerospace Professionals.

Joshua Edward Luff, Aviation Hall.

Kyle Collins, Rotorheads.

Byron English, Unmanned Aerial System Research and Development Club.

Janet “Jenny” McCartney, Women in Aviation Club.

Student Government Association Awards:
Ryan Kochish, Director
Jenny McCartney, Assistant Director
Thomas Wiseman – Secretary/Treasurer
Clifford Appleman
Latatiana Fulgham-Mumford
Logan Honea
Megan Hupperich
Hadrien Leblond

Who's Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges:
Hadrien Leblond
Janet “Jenny” McCartney

Warner Robins Campus

Sarah Hollifield, Academic Resource Center Tutoring.

Brett Jenson, Central Georgia Information Systems Security Association.

Michael Viox, Association of Information Technology Students.

Student Government Association Awards:
Eric Davis, Director
Shelby Davis, Assistant Director/ Secretary
Jerry Lones
Suzanne Tetteh
Richard Wall

Who's Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges:
Teressa Williams