"Knight QUESTions" Speeds Up Enrollment Services to Students

Author: Sheron Smith
Posted: Monday, July 14, 2014 4:00 AM
Categories: Students | Faculty/Staff

Macon, GA

College students are full of questions long before they set foot in a classroom: “What’s the status of my application?” “What do I do once I’m admitted?” “How much financial aid am I getting?”

Now, Middle Georgia State College is rolling out a faster, easier way for future and current students to get the information they need. It’s a new call center with a corresponding “Knight QUESTions” portal, where students can create accounts to submit questions, follow the status of their inquiries and search a database of FAQs. If they need or want to talk to somebody live, Middle Georgia State now has six call center representatives who field enrollment-services-related questions by phone during regular business hours.

The call center is located in the Campus Support Services building on the Macon Campus. Call center representatives will be able to field questions from future or current students (and anybody else who wants information) based on any campus or who take classes online.

“Those two components – a call center and the technology piece – will improve service and give students the chance to ask questions 24/7,” said Melinda Rodgers, manager of the new enrollment call center. “A student will have the ability to monitor and track questions. Between the call center and portal we’ll be able to answer most basic questions right away. For questions that require more detailed answers we have the ability to forward to the appropriate department, track the progress and ensure the student gets an answer in a timely manner.”

The Knight QUESTions portal is a product of Parature, a Microsoft company that provides on-demand customer service software, making it possible for any business to leverage the Internet to provide customer service and online support. As described by Microsoft, Parature provides “an efficient way to serve, support, retain, engage with and maximize the value of every customer. “ Parature's customer service software integrates a portal, knowledge base and trouble ticket software.

The system “is embedded into Middle Georgia State’s website to provide front-end customer service,” said Dr. Sheri Rowland, vice president for enrollment management. “Behind the scenes, it will help departments involved in enrollment services be more efficient in getting students admitted and registered and with processing their financial aid. Students are going to love the self-service component of the system.”

Rodgers thinks students will notice the service improvement right away.

“Middle Georgia State has excellent customer service but there are always things we can do to make it better,” she said. “Knight QUESTions builds on the foundation of the quality customer service we’ve been providing and takes it to an even higher level.”

The call center begins operations on Monday, July 14, and can be reached at (877) 238-8664. The Knight QUESTions portal site is at http://ask.mga.edu. Questions can be submitted by email to ask@mga.edu.

Photo: In the new call center are, left to right, Melinda Rodgers, manager,
and representatives Jamie Terrell, Vaquasha Simmons, Liz Douglas, Zack Williams, Lisa George and Jamie Harrison.