Tattnall Square, Eureka Scholastic Place First in MGA-Hosted Math Olympics

Author: Department of Mathematics
Posted: Monday, March 11, 2019 12:00 AM
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Macon, GA


Students from Tattnall Square Academy in Macon and Eureka Scholastic Academy in Forsyth, Fulton, and Coweta County, captured first-place honors in the 39th annual Math Olympics at Middle Georgia State University (MGA). 

More than 230 high school students from 16 public and private high schools competed in the all-day event at MGA's Macon Campus on March 8. The competition drew teams from as far away as Atlanta, Conyers, Americus, and Columbus, and also drew teams from Macon, Warner Robins and surrounding counties.

The winning teams in Division I were:

• First place, Varsity – Tattnall Square Academy Team 1 (Macon): Colleen Molton, Beijun Desai, Kelly Collins, and Pathik Desai. Their coach is Carolyn Smothers.

• Second place, Varsity – Rockdale Magnet School (Conyers): Brandon Hong, Chiemeka Nzerue, Abby Oser, and Sarah Goldgar. Their coach is Chuck Garner.

• Third place, Varsity – Tattnall Square Academy Team 2: Jessica Norwood, Ricky Zhu, William Stubbs, and Adam Musolf. Carolyn Smothers also coached this team.

• First place, Junior Varsity – Tattnall Square Academy JV Team 1 (Macon): Noah Johnson, Avery Scott, Kaitlyn Hallman, and Cade Bloodworth. Their coach is also Carolyn Smothers.

• Second place, Junior Varsity — Stratford Academy (Macon): Sophia Tang, Darren Shivclat, Varnika Gaduri, and Shreya Ranabhotu. Their coach is Bobby Stecher.

• Third place, Junior Varsity – Tattnall Square Academy JV Team 2 (Macon): Evan Carr, Carlie Epps, Kaci Paul, and Martha Kate Gillis.

The winning teams in Division II were:

• First place, Varsity – Eureka Scholastic Academy : Nithya Jayakumar, Adun Oladeji, Tomi Oladeji, and Erica Mendez. Their coach is Yetty Oladeji.

• Second place, Varsity – Georgia Academy for Math, Engineering, and Science (Cochran): Daeyoung Son, Juwon Kim, John Verboom, and Sarah Choi. Their coach is Mark Garrison.

• Third place, Varsity – Columbus High School (Columbus): Sohan Shankar, Sean Aoki, and Aryan Patel. Their coach is Storie Atkins.

• First place, Junior Varsity – Columbus High School JV Team 1 (Columbus): Isaac Cheon, Arthur Yao, Nicholas Yoon, and Elvin Ebby. Their coach is Storie Atkins.

• Second place, Junior Varsity – Columbus High School JV Team 2 (Columbus): Alex Brown, Susan Jiang, Emma Hardin, and Abhinn Vegesna. Their coach is also Storie Atkins.

• Third place, Junior Varsity – Academy for Classical Education (Macon): Landon Juang, Matthew Farmer, Elizabeth McArthur, and Camille Fry. Their coach is Robby Jones.

Individual awards for the highest scores at the varsity level were also presented.

Winners in Division I were:

Brandon Hong, Rockdale Magnet High School (Conyers), first place; Cole Rappold, Greenbrier High School (Evans), second place; Beijun Desai, Tattnall Square Academy (Macon), third place; and Colleen Molton, Tattnall Square Academy, fourth place.

Winners in Division II were:

Daeyoung Son, Georgia Academy for Math, Engineering, and Science (Cochran), first place; Nithya Jayakumar, Eureka Scholastic Academy, second place; Sohan Shankar, Columbus High School, (Columbus), third place; and Brian Park, Columbus High School, fourth place.

The Middle Georgia State College Foundation awarded $150 to $700 scholarships to the varsity level individual winners. The top individual scorers at the Junior Varsity level were Noah Johnson from Tattnall Square Academy (Macon) and Isaac Cheon from Columbus High School, (Columbus).

The competition, coordinated by Middle Georgia State University mathematics faculty, included individual exams and team matches.