Mandatory Training

Here at MGA, 91% of students feel safe on campus and 82% feel our faculty and staff care about their well-being. We hope you are having a similarly positive experience. To that end, we want to empower you with knowledge beyond your textbooks – the University System of Georgia is providing training on issues related to campus safety, particularly sexual assault on campus. MGA requires the training for new students, students living on campus, and student leaders.

What does Title IX training consist of?

  • The USG has selected EverFi to provide training that raises awareness and helps prevent sexual assault on campus. Training is available online at your convenience. Each time you log in, the training picks up where you last left off.
  • Students must complete two courses—Haven (understanding sexual assault) and AlcoholEDU (alcohol awareness). Each course consists of two parts, with a 30-day break in between that allows us to measure changed attitudes among students.
  • Faculty and staff must complete a one-hour course called Haven for Faculty and Staff, which also includes a 30-day intercession. Note: Student Assistants must complete the student training, not the staff training.

Who is required to complete this training?

If you fall into any of the below categories, you're required to complete Haven and AlcoholEDU training:

  • All MGA students, unless exempt
    • Click here to begin.
    • Use your Student ID # (beginning with 983) when you register and save your login info so you can complete Part 2 (30 days after you finish Part 1).
    • Registration code for students: c1bad7b4
  • All faculty and staff
    • Instructions for Academic Year 2016-17 will be sent out on Monday, August 1, 2016 and posted to InsideMGA.

Is anyone exempt from training?

Yes. If you want to request an exemption, you may fill out this form.

When do I need to complete my training?

  • Students must complete training once during their time at MGA.
  • For Summer semester 2016, complete Part 1 no later than Thursday, June 30 so you can finish Part 2 by Monday, August 1, 2016. If you complete the training by these deadlines, you will be entered into a drawing for one of six VIP parking passes for Fall 2016!
  • Faculty and staff should complete Part 1 of FY2017 training as early in the academic year as possible and must finish Part 2 no later than Tuesday, January 31, 2017. The link will be included in the new D2L employee training module launching in the Fall. Note that mandatory training will become part of your annual evaluations and also satisfies the annual requirement for sexual harassment training..

What happens if I miss the deadline?

  • Students who fail to complete the training before August 2, 2016 will have a hold placed on Summer grades until the training is completed. While this hold will not prevent students from registering for classes or attending MGA, it will keep them from seeing their grades on SWORDS or accessing a transcript.
  • Chairs and Supervisors will receive reports on faculty and staff who have not completed training by the deadline.

I have some more questions about Title IX training. Who do I contact?

  • For technical support, please contact EverFi's help desk, which includes a toll free number, live chat, and the ability to create a ticket for tech support.
  • For questions about content, policies, and procedures, please email .

For more information about national initiatives for the prevention of sexual assault on campus, you can visit the below sites:

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