Bachelor of Arts in Contemporary Musicianship

The Bachelor of Arts in Contemporary Musicianship (BACM) is designed to prepare the practicing musician for the 21st century cultural economy.

Students will learn to capitalize on the artistic product through courses in marketing, entrepreneurship and nonprofit management. They will learn to prepare a deliverable for various sectors of the industry through courses in music technology, studio production, song writing, scoring and arranging.

The degree also provides ample space for electives, allowing students to tailor their degree to their career goals, i.e. courses in from Business, Information Technology, Creative Writing or New Media and Communications.

Music students will have the option of two concentrations: classical and commercial.

All students will study standard technique through classical repertoire for the first two years. The final two years, students can choose to remain in a classical concentration or transition to a commercial concentration where they apply their technical study to various genre, including R&B and gospel.

Consequently, students will acquire an omnicultural musical language that will equip them to move between various cultural marketplaces and serve a rapidly expanding entertainment sector in Georgia.

The BACM is an auditioned program.

Information about Curriculum And Emphasis