Final Grade Instructions

This page is intended to instruct faculty on how to input final grades and the last date of attendance into Banner at the end of semesters.

ATTENTION: Faculty must document the last date of attendance

Faculty members shall maintain an attendance record for all of face-to-face and distance education classes. When submitting final grades, faculty must report students’ last date of attendance for any grades deemed unsuccessful attempts. Examples—Any “I” incomplete or F grade must have a last date of attendance attached to the final grade.

Click on link for video tutorial to learn how to enter final grades and last date of attendance:


Go to the MGA Faculty and Staff web site Select ‘Banner/SWORDS’ from the menu. Then select ‘SWORDS Login’.

Enter your single sign on credentials

  • Select the menu icon  an icon with three horizontal lines in the upper left corner
  • Select ‘ Banner Self Service
    Menu with options banner or banner self-service
  • Then select the ‘ Faculty and Advisors’ Menu
    The banner self-service menu options
  • Then select ‘ Final Grades
  • Select the current term
  • Click on Submit Term button
  • Highlight First CRN (so you can enter the final grades for that class)
  • Click on Submit CRN
  • Enter grades - choose from the following: A, B, C, D, F, I (Incomplete), or IP (for Learning Support use only).
  • Click on Attend Date Tab and type the last date of attendance if you are entering a grade of I, F or IP
  • NUMERICAL grades for Georgia Academy and Dual Enrolled students, should be entered in the “HOURS ATTENDED” column.
  • Submit Changes
  • After you have entered your grades for each CRN, you will get a message that reads:
    (in blue letters) "INFO The grade changes you made were saved successfully."
  • To enter your next set of grades:
  • (at the bottom of the screen) Select CRN Selection
  • Highlight desired CRN
  • Click on Submit CRN
  • Select Final Grades
  • Follow above directions