Graduation Instructions

Graduation Application Deadlines (Undergraduate and Graduate)

Graduation Date Application Deadline
Summer 2018 April 15, 2018
Fall 2018 May 15, 2018
Spring 2018 October 15, 2017

All graduation correspondence will be emailed to your campus email box. Please delete old emails often to prevent important undeliverable messages.

Middle Georgia State University graduates students every semester upon completion of their degree or certificate requirements and awards diplomas. Students completing degree requirements Summer or Fall are eligible to participate in the fall Commencement Ceremony in December. Students completing spring semester are eligible for the Spring ceremony in May.

Students graduating from the Graduate Studies program can apply for graduation by using the Online Application for Graduation.


Students planning to graduate must complete the following steps:

  1. Application for Degree: Students should apply for graduation at least two full semesters before they expect to complete degree requirements, but not later than the application deadlines published in the catalog each year. Failure to complete an application for a degree or certificate at least two semesters in advance may prevent graduation in the anticipated term. Students who do not complete an application until the published application deadline may not be able in that term of enrollment to resolve deficiencies discovered in the degree audit. Applications submitted after the deadline for the term concerned may result in students not being awarded a degree or certificate for the term requested.

    Upon completion of the Online Application for Graduation and the payment of the $35.00 graduation fee to the Bursar's Office. Payment instructions can be found here. The Registrar's Office will complete an official audit of the requirements completed, in progress, and required for the degree or certificate and forward that to the student. Students wishing an informal audit of their progress towards graduation may consult with their advisor. Remember, you must complete the application and pay the required fee to receive an official degree audit and be included as a candidate for graduation. Cap and gowns must be ordered and paid for through the Campus Bookstore.

  2. Choice of Catalog: In order to graduate students must meet all degree requirements as listed in a single Middle Georgia State University catalog. A student can choose any catalog less than five years old beginning with the catalog in effect during the term of their original matriculation. If a student stops out and is subsequently readmitted to Middle Georgia State University or if a student changes major, their matriculation catalog is reset to the year of readmission or change of major. Students must have attended at least one term under their chosen graduation catalog.
  3. Hour and Residency Requirements:
    • Associate Degree - minimum of 60 semester hours, including core curriculum and major requirements. Applicants must have earned at Middle Georgia State 25% of hours applicable to the degree. Credit earned by examination cannot be applied to the residency requirement.
    • Baccalaureate Degree - minimum semester hours defined for your program including a minimum of 39 semester hours of upper division courses overall and 21 semester hours in the major. Applicants must have earned 30 semester hours, including 21 hours in upper division courses in the major area. Satisfactory completion of upper division work will be reviewed and completion certified by the applicable department chair. Credit earned by examination cannot be applied to the residency requirement. To graduate with honors, a baccalaureate student must have completed at least 60 semester hours of course-work at Middle Georgia State University and earn a cumulative institutional GPA of at least 3.5.
  4. History and Constitution: Before being certified as having met all degree requirements, students must have satisfied the Georgia legislative requisites of demonstrating proficiency in U.S. and Georgia history, and U.S. and Georgia Constitutions.
  5. Regents' Test: Students must have met Regents' requirements.
  6. Oral and Technical Competence: In order to receive a degree, students must demonstrate technology and oral competency through one of the following (applies to 2012-13 catalogs or earlier):
    1. Passing MSCC 1000 or
    2. Demonstrating oral and technology competence through a designated course approved by the Vice President for Academic Affairs, or
    3. Passing the oral competency and technology exam in the Academic Testing Center.
  7. Graduation Grade Point Average (GPA): Associate degree candidates must present a minimum cumulative institutional GPA of 2.0 on academic work attempted at Middle Georgia State University and a minimum of 2.0 on all courses used to meet graduation requirements. Baccalaureate degree candidates must present an institutional 2.0 GPA on all work attempted at Middle Georgia State University.
  8. Non-completion of degree requirements: If you do not complete your degree during the term you specify on your application, your graduation status will be inactivated until you reapply and indicate a new term for degree completion. No additional fee is charged.