Campus Climate Survey Results

MGA conducted its first campus climate survey from March 30 – April 19, 2015. EAB provide us the survey instrument, our results, and aggregate results from the other institutions that participated in this survey. Mandatory online sexual assault and alcohol trainings for new students, residential students, student athletes, and student leaders was implemented fall 2015 as a result of the findings of our campus climate survey and initiatives of the University System of Georgia. Awareness through trainings and programming is the first approach we have taken to improve and strengthen the campus climate at MGA.

Here are the highlights of the MGA Campus Climate Report:

  • 20% response rate - 5% higher than the aggregate response rate
  • Demographics of respondents:
    • 67% female; 64% white/Caucasian; 32% Black/AA; 88% heterosexual
    • Almost evenly distributed by class standing; 49% live at home
    • 57% do not participate in student groups
  • 92% feel safe at this school; 81% think faculty are genuinely concerned about their welfare
  • 90% are very satisfied or satisfied with their overall experience at MGA
  • 89% agreed or strongly agreed that faculty and staff at MGA have demonstrated a commitment to creating a welcoming and inclusive environment for all people.
  • Reporting an incident of sexual violence
    • 94% agreed the school would take it seriously; 87% agreed the school would take steps to protect the individual making the report; 82% confident school would administer procedures fairly.
    • 60% felt that a student making a report would experience retaliation; 40% felt the educational achievement/career of person making the report would suffer; over half do not know what confidential resources are available to them
  • Less than15% received prevention training; those who did felt it was useful
  • Nearly a quarter of female respondents experience unwanted sexual contact prior to college.
  • 59 respondents indicated experiencing at least one incident of sexual misconduct at least once since the beginning of the school year.
    • Almost half reported being caught off guard by perpetrator or perpetrator ignored non-verbal cues.
    • Most commonly perpetrated by an acquaintance, peer or friend
  • Female respondents more likely to experience stalking and harassment than male respondents
  • 5% of respondents experienced partner or intimate partner violence

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About the EAB Campus Climate Survey

The EAB Campus Climate Survey is an anonymous online instrument that assesses students' perceptions, behaviors, attitudes, and experiences with regards to sexual violence during the current academic year. The survey was piloted at 29 U.S. and Canadian institutions during the spring 2015 semester. A total of 30,768 students responded to the survey for an aggregate response rate of 12%.

About EAB

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