Many Middle Georgia State University faculty and staff members provide their expertise and energy to a number of activities outside the classroom including Arts Festival, UniversityTown Film Series at the Historic Douglass Theatre, International Festival, and more.

Arts Festival

The Arts Festival is an annual event organized by faculty and staff. Each year, the committee develops a series of lectures, performances, exhibits and other activities related to a central theme such as CyberCulture and the Humanities, The Arts as a Catalyst for Social Change, Macon Poets, and The Mystery of Creativity.

UniversityTown Film Series at the Historic Douglass Theatre

Middle Georgia State University, Mercer University, and Wesleyan University co-sponsor a series of films that share a theme, such as Films of the Fabulous Fifties, Social Justice in the 20th Century, Outrageous Women, and Dark Nights, Bad Dreams. The films are screened in the historic Douglass Theatre in downtown Macon. See the School of Arts & Letters for more information. 

International Festivals

At MGA’s International Festivals students can go around the world and never leave the USA! The International Festival on the Macon Campus takes place during the spring and features lectures, discussions, dance performances, concerts, and other activities that bring around-the-world experiences to the University campus. Each spring, the Cochran Campus hosts a large outdoor event filled with music, international foods, activities, dance performances, and programs that enhance and enrich a student’s understanding of global history and diversity.