Anatomy and Physiology Pre-Requisite (A&P Pre-Req) Exam

Students must meet minimum eligibility to register for the Middle Georgia State University Anatomy and Physiology I (A&P I BIOL 1114) course. The current eligibility requirements for A&P I BIOL 1114 are:

  • 950 and above (SAT VERB/Critical Reading + SAT MATH),
  • or 500 and above (SAT VERB/Critical Reading),
  • or 500 and above (SAT MATH),
  • or 20 and above (ACT Combined),
  • or a GPA of 2.7 with 30 hours of earned credit.
The MyReadinessTest gives Health Sciences students who do not meet the current AandP I BIOL 1114 ACT/SAT or GPA/Hours eligibility requirements the opportunity to alternatively meet the prerequisite requirements.

There is a fee, currently the fee is $15 but it may be changed by the vendor, for enrolling in the Pearson MyReadinessTest program. The Pearson webpage has complete details

Students who enroll into MyReadinessTest will:

  • have access to optional MyReadinessTest preparation modules through
  • have the option to complete the modules in preparation for the cumulative exam
    • it is completely online
    • it is totally self-paced
  • have 16 weeks to complete all modules and the cumulative final exam
  • have the option to complete a diagnostic examination in preparation for the required cumulative exam
  • complete a timed, proctored, cumulative exam over material covered in the modules
    • only one attempt at the cumulative final exam is permitted
    • the cumulative final exam has 70 questions
    • the final exam time limit is 80 minutes
    • a final exam score of 80 percent or higher is required to be eligible to register for BIOL 1114K.
Students take the final cumulative exam at a Middle Georgia State University location:
  • Testing sessions are conducted at the Macon and Cochran testing centers.
  • The Testing Services monthly calendar ca be viewed at this URL
  • Students register for a session at this URL
  • Students must bring a valid photo ID card for admission to a testing session.
  • Students must know their Mastering A&P username and password.
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