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Media, Culture, and the Arts (MCA)

Primary Phone: 478.471.5792

    People in Department
    Agnew, Charlie - M.F.A. Associate Professor of Art & Art Program Coordinator478.934.3043
    Bell-Corrales, Maritza Professor of Spanish478.471.5774
    Brennan, Patrick Professor of English478.757.2578
    Burnette, LaVette Associate Professor of Communication478.934.3088
    Cater, Lauren Assistant Professor of Film Production478.471.2015
    Chae, Yunsuk Associate Professor of Spanish478.471.5797
    Clark, N. Alan - PhD Director of Bands225.270.7722
    Crump, Vanessa Associate Professor of Spanish478.275.6775
    Edwards, Rebecca Assistant Professor New Media and Communication478.934.3108
    Hardy, Cindy Administrative Assistant, English Dept. and Media, Culture, & the Arts Dept478.934.3085
    Keith, Sheree Professor of Communication Studies, Assistant Chair478.757.7391
    Kim, Christian Assistant Professor478-757-6639
    Lanning, Rebecca Professor of Music, Coordinator of Music478.471.5773
    Linder, Patricia Associate Professor of Communication Studies478.934.3119
    Lucas, Gerald Professor of English478.471.5761
    McTyre, Robert Chair, Associate Professor of Music478.471.5792
    Nicholson, Andre Assistant Professor of New Media and Communication478.471.5789
    Norman, Christian Assistant Professor478.471.5771
    Podwolsky, Rachel - B.A. Interdisciplinary Studies Administrative Secretary478.471.5792
    Prados, Trino Javier - M.A. M.A. Associate Professor of Spanish & Humanities Special Topics478.934.3089
    Riddle, Shannon Lecturer478.471.3558
    Sidore, David Professor of English and Media Studies478.471.5790
    Simeral, Tisha Assistant Professor of Music478.471.2091
    Simmons, Lee - M.F.A. Assistant Professor478.934.3129
    Skelton, John Assistant Professor478-934-3129
    Thompson, Marla Assistant Professor of Communication Studies478.934.3359
    Wengier, Sabrina Associate Professor of French & Coordinator of Modern Languages478.471.3574
    Whiddon, Kelly Associate Professor478.471.5788
    Young, Adam - M.F.A. English Associate Professor478.329.4711

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