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Residence Life This Fall

In order to ensure a smooth transition and to limit the potential spread of COVID-19, MGA Housing & Residence Life has developed a plan for a staggered move-in for Fall 2020. As was the case this past spring, when residents had to move out early, we will use JotForms to extend the move-in period from 1 day to 6 days. The links to these JotForms will be sent out to all registered residential students via their MGA email address the last week of July. Instructions on how a new student can log into his or her MGA email account can be found here

  • Utilizing the JotForm, students and parents will be able to select a move-in time that is conducive to their schedule and access to transportation. 
  • Move-in appointments will be scheduled in 15-minute increments to avoid having more than 10 people on any wing of any hall at any one time period. 
  • This plan then allows 2.5 hours for a student to get checked in then moved in. 
  • Students will receive MGA branded facemasks and hand sanitizer this year.

 MGA sincerely regrets that volunteers and non-family visitors cannot be a part of the move-in experience this fall due to COVID-19. Students are asked to bring no more than 2 family members with them to campus to aid in moving in. Family members will need to supply their own facemasks if they choose to wear one. Below is the anticipated schedule for move-in days by campus:

Macon Campus:

Lakeview Pointe: 8am to 9pm August 7th-12th
University Pointe: 8am to 9:30pm August 7th-12th

Cochran Campus:

Gateway: 8am to 8:30pm August 7th-12th
Regents Hall: 8am to 8pm August 7th-12th
Knights Hall: 8am to 8pm August 7th-12th
Anderson Hall: 8am to 8:30pm August 8th-10th
Talmadge Hall: 10am to 4:30pm August 8th-9th
**Talmadge Hall will only be opened in housing overflow situations.
Harris Hall: 8am-8pm August 9th-12th

Eastman Campus: 

Aviation Hall: 8am-8pm August 9th-12th

Please email with any questions.

What are the benefits of living on one of MGA's residential campuses?

Compared to students who live at home with parents or who commute from other locations, residential students demonstrate:

  • A higher level of interaction with their faculty members (Kuh, Gonyea, and Palmer 2001)w
  • A higher level of involvement in co-curricular activities including clubs, service projects, internships, and study abroad (Kuh, Gonyea, and Palmer 2001).
  • An increased sense of belonging and affiliation with the University (O’Toole, Peterson and Wetzel, 1999 ; Newbold et al., 2011)
  • Greater access to counselors, advisers, peers, and other resources designed to support student’s academic success (Newbold, Mehta, Forbus, P. (2011)
  • More social connections, (Kuh, Gonyea, and Palmer 2001)
  • Increases in personal development (Kuh, Gonyea, and Palmer 2001)
  • More academic commitment and focus (Nonis, Philhours, and Hudson, 2006)
  • Greater academic success, i.e. higher GPAs (Nonis, Philhours, and Hudson, 2006)

Come live and learn at MGA!

Experience the full package of college life! Make friends who value higher learning and surround yourself in a positive environment of diverse, goal-oriented companions. Our Cochran, Eastman and Macon campuses offer on-campus housing with a variety of rooms and amenities. The perks are endless!

Live out-of-state? If you live in one of Georgia's bordering states ( Alabama, Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina or Tennessee) you may be eligible for our Out-of-State Tuition Waiver, if you:

(1) are pursuing an undergraduate degree through the School of Aviation

(2) live in a Cochran Campus residence hall , and/or are taking the majority of your courses on the Cochran Campus.

Please visit  MGA: Out-of-State Tuition Waivers for more information and to find out if you are eligible. 

Cochran Campus

including five halls and three room styles.

Eastman Campus

Apartment style hall for students
enrolled in the aviation program,
adjacent to the regional airport.

Macon Campus

Apartment style living
conveniently located near I-75.

Important Information

Spring 2020 Housing application for students who are not currently living in housing

  • October 14th

Fall 2020 Housing Application (2nd session only)

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Returning Student 

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