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Dr. Thomas Hancock

Assistant Professor of Biology
Department of Natural Sciences

Phone: 478.471.2751

  • Macon - Charles H. Jones - 366
Office Hours: Monday 11:00 AM - 2:00 PM
Tuesday 11:00 AM - 2:00 PM
Wednesday 3:00 PM - 5:00 PM

Courses: BIOL 1001 - Introductory biology I for non-majors
BIOL 1002 - Introductory biology II for non-majors
BIOL 2107 - Principles of biology I
BIOL 2108 - Principles of biology II
SCIE 2999 - Directed studies
BIOL 3113 - Environmental science
BIOL 3211 - Evolution
BIOL 3350 - Ecology
BIOL 3510 - Invertebrate zoology
BIOL 4323 - Marine biology
BIOL 4774 - Field biology
BIOL 4894 - Research
Education: Ph.D. (biology) - Wake Forest University, 2009
M.S. (marine biology) - UNC Wilmington, 1995
B.S. (biology) - UNC Charlotte, 1993
CV: Current Projects:
Integrating field-based research experiences into the undergraduate biology curriculum of a non-traditional university.

Does leaf anatomy, leaf morphology, and biomass allocation of Hydrocotyle bonariensis change in relation to the microenvironment?

Ecology and physiology of barrier island dune vegetation in the Southeastern United States

Natural history of the Smith Island Complex North Carolina.
Professional Experience: 2016-present, Middle Georgia State University, Assistant Professor of Biology
2014-2016, High Point Friends School, Science Teacher
2013-2014, Methodist University, Assistant Professor of Biology
2009-2013, Bald Head Island Conservancy, Director of Conservation
2008-2009, Salem College, Visiting Lecturer of Biology
2003-2008, Bishop McGuinness Catholic High School, Science Teacher and Department Head
2001-2003, Main Street Baptist Church, Minister of Youth
1998-2001, Carolina Biological Supply, Marketing and Development, Biotechnology and AP Bio
1996-1998, Guilford County Schools, Science Teacher
1995-1996, UNC Wilmington, Laboratory Coordinator
Organizations: National Association of Biology Teachers
Association of Southeastern Biologists
Southern Appalachian Botanical Society
Torrey Botanical Society
Georgia Academy of Science (Biological Sciences Section Secretary)
Georgia Botanical Society

Publications: Hancock, T.E., C.R.G. Wilkerson, J.M. Sisco, S.R. Istambouli, K.D. Cruse, K.E. Morris, M.E. Walker, and K.L. Collins. 2022. How does water quality and physical setting relate to oyster spat and barnacle settlement in southern Georgia salt marshes? Southeastern Naturalist (in preparation).

Hancock, T.E., P.J. Amico, A.M. Cleator, F.R. Wyatt, C.J. Bates, J.E. Bridges, K.I. Spivey, A.J. Richards, M.A. Burks and J.K. Watson. 2022. Allocation patterns, leaf anatomy, and morphology of Hydrocotyle bonariensis Lamarck growing across a southeastern (USA) barrier island environmental gradient. Castanea (in preparation).

Watson, J., M. Burks, and T. Hancock. 2022. Leaf anatomy, morphology, and water potential of Ipomoea pes-caprae, Croton punctatus, and Hydrocotyle bonariensis growing on the dunes of Sapelo Island, Georgia. Georgia Journal of Science (in review).

Watson, J., M. Burks, and T. Hancock. 2021. Adaptations of dune plants growing on a Georgia barrier island. Tipularia. 36:43-48.

DeGregorio, B.A., T.E. Hancock, D.J. Kurz and S. Yue. 2011. How quickly are road-killed snakes scavenged? Implications for underestimates of road mortality. Journal of the North Carolina Academy of Sciences.127:184-188.

W. K. Smith, C. R. Brodersen, T.E. Hancock and D.M. Johnson. 2004. Integrating plant temperature measurement using heat-sensitive paint and color image analysis. Functional Ecology. 18:148-153.

W. K. Smith, M. J. Germino, T. E. Hancock, and D.M. Johnson. 2003. A more unified approach for interpreting elevational limits of upper timberlines. Tree Physiology. 23:1101-1112.

Hancock, T.E. and P.E. Hosier. 2003. Ecology of the Threatened Species Seabeach Amaranth (Amaranthus pumilus Rafinesque). Castanea. 68:236-244.

Hackney, C.T., S. Brady, L. Stemmy, M. Boris, C. Dennis, T. Hancock, M. O’Bryon, C. Tilton, and E. Barbee. 1996. Does intertidal vegetation indicate specific soil and hydrologic conditions? Wetlands. 16:89-94.

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