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Senthil Kumar Muthusamy - Ph.D.

Senthil Kumar Muthusamy

Associate Professor
School of Business

Phone: 567.377.2885
Website: http://scholar.google.com/citations?user=yxbpOTgAAAAJ&hl=en

Biography: Senthil is an Associate Professor of Strategic Management with teaching and research interests in the areas of Strategic management, Organization Design, and International Management. His academic principle is to emphasize creativity, critical thinking, and action orientation. He believes in intellectual and academic freedom, and that developing competence, integrity and social responsibility are vital to individual growth and the advancement of society. His research examines the role of social exchanges such as trust and power in diverse organizational contexts, and explores the ontological and cognitive dimensions of strategic thinking, learning, and organizational excellence. His research articles have appeared in Organization Studies, Journal of Business Research, Organization Development Journal, Quality Management Journal, Journal of Managerial Issues, and Strategic Change Journal.

Prior to joining Middle Georgia State College, Dr. Senthil taught in the business programs at Oklahoma State University, Rhode Island College, Bowling Green State University and National Institute of Technology-Trichy, India. His global academic experience includes teaching Bachelors, Graduate, and Doctoral level courses in Strategy, International Business and Organization Design, and he has designed and offered several executive and entrepreneurship development programs.
Courses: Strategic Management (MGMT 4195)
Global Business (MGMT 4175)
Special Topics in Organization and Environment

Accomplishments of Students in my classes:

http://www.smartsims.com/news/mikesbikes-world-champs#2013 Final Results

Sample student Comments about my classes

• Dr. Senthil Kumar was very knowledgeable with the subject matter through his research and blogs he shared with us. He encouraged class participation and open discussion by asking how we would make certain scenarios different and what we would do to change certain trends. He respected all ideas and was open to different perspectives. He explained the material in detail making it easier to understand.

• Encouraged critical thinking and Applying concepts to real life businesses.

• He gave additional information when something was not quite understood. This helped me to visualize the concepts in a better manner.

• Teaching of the School of fish strategy and the blue ocean strategy had a lot of emphasis on it. It made the class understand better. Also, he has made every student engage in the class. The case presentations helped with public speaking and looking up financial data and analyzing it. He also adapted to the fast pace summer course!

• Encourage participation, made students think strategically.

• Great Professor! Very Passionate about Subject Matter! Great explanation of topics.
Education: PhD in Business Administration (2000)
Oklahoma State University, USA

Master of Business Administration (MBA) (1988)
Bharathidasan Institute of Management(Bharathidasan University) India.

Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering (1986)
Bharathiar University, India
Awards and Honors: • Best Empirical Paper Award (Doctoral Student) - 1998 Midwest AOM Meetings
• Best Paper Award, 1992 - Indian Journal of Technical Education.
Publications: Muthusamy, Senthil Kumar., 2017. Power of Positive Words: A Strategic Communication Perspective. Academy of Management Proceedings doi:10.5465/AMBPP.201
Muthusamy, Senthil Kumar.2015. Shoaling (School of fish) as Competitive Strategy. Strategic Change Journal
Collins, K., & Muthusamy, Senthil Kumar 2015. Toyota Production System (TPS) for Healthcare Organizations: Prospects and Implementation Challenges, Total Quality Management & Business Excellence, Vol.26(8),905-918.
Muthusamy, Senthil Kumar., 2014. Role of Context and Contest in the Structuring of Alliance Governance, Journal of Strategy and Management,
Muthusamy, Senthil Kumar., & Dass, P. 2014. Toward A Smarter Enterprise: Disaggregation and Dispersion (Shoaling )for Innovation and Excellence, Competitiveness Review, Vol. 24 (3): 211-239.
Muthusamy, Senthil Kumar., Bobinski, P., & Jawahar, D. 2011. Toward a Strategic Role for Employees in Corporate Governance, Strategic Change Journal.
Muthusamy, Senthil Kumar. 2008. Minding the Cognition: Toward A Strategic Knowledge Management for Competitive Advantage, Strategic Change Journal.
Muthusamy, Senthil Kumar, Hur, D. & Palanisamy, R. 2008. Leveraging Knowledge in Buyer- Supplier Alliances: A Theoretical Integration, International Journal of Management and Decision Making.
Carr, A., Kaynak, H., & Muthusamy, Senthil Kumar. 2008. The Cross-functional Coordination and the Impact on Performance, International Journal of Manufacturing Technology and Management.
Collins, K.F., & Muthusamy, Senthil Kumar. 2007. Applying Toyota Production System to a Healthcare Organization: A Case Study on a Rural Community Hospital-System, Quality Management Journal.
Muthusamy, Senthil Kumar, White, M.A. & Carr, A. 2007. An Empirical Examination of the Role of Social Exchanges in Alliance Performance, Journal of Managerial Issues.
Muthusamy, Senthil Kumar, & White, M.A. 2006. Does Power Sharing Matter? The Role of Power and Influence in Alliance Performance, Journal of Business Research.
Muthusamy, Senthil Kumar & White, M.A. 2005. Learning and Knowledge Transfer in Strategic Alliances: A Social Exchange View, Organization Studies.
Muthusamy, Senthil Kumar., Wheeler, J., & Simmons, B. 2005. Self-Managing Work Teams: Enhancing Organizational Innovativeness, Organization Development Journal
Muthusamy, Senthil Kumar & Palanisamy, R. 2004. Leveraging Cognition for Competitive Advantage: A Knowledge-Based Strategy Process, Journal of Information & Knowledge Management

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