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Daniel Snyder

Daniel Snyder

Associate Professor
Natural Sciences

Phone: 478.274.7806

  • Dublin - Dublin Main Building - 212
    Phone: 478.274.7806
  • Cochran - Dillard - 205
Office Hours: Fall 2018
Cochran: R 1:00-3:00, F 9:00-12:00
Warner Robins: M: 9:00-10:00, 1:00-3:00
Other times and locations by appointment
Biography: Advice for an up-and-coming paleontologist:

1. You must have a love of learning, the broader the better. Everything and anything—from an exploding star to the power inside an atom to the human heart—can help you understand the natural world. In fact, chances are it will.

2. Read everything. Study everywhere. Listen to everyone. But don’t speak until you first can write clearly, cleanly and concisely.

3. Don’t be afraid to screw it up. My first science project on my own was a failure from the start. I hope yours won’t be. But if you fail seven times and learn from each one, chances are that the eighth time will be a success.

4. Don’t let success go to your head. I haven’t achieved either fame or fortune from paleontology. So what? You can’t buy more time and your name may be forgotten, but contributing to human wisdom and knowledge are very great things.

5. The scientific method doesn’t discriminate. Neither should you. Other people have their own beliefs and you advance human dignity when you respect them honestly.

6. It’s not an all-or-nothing thing. The more you answer questions like a paleontologist, the more you will grow to be one.

7. The greatest paleontologists are the ones who rest when they’re tired, eat when they’re hungry, work like dogs when they’re not doing the first two things and love every moment of it all. I am working to be a great paleontologist.
Education: 2001-2006: University of Iowa. Ph. D. in Vertebrate Paleontology. May 2006. Dissertation: A Study of the Fossil Vertebrate Fauna from the Jasper Hiemstra Quarry, Delta, Iowa and Its Environment.
1999-2001: University of Florida. Master of Science in Geological Science. May 2001. Thesis: Evolution of the Modern Alligator Lineage.
1994-1998: University of California, Berkeley. December 2008. Bachelor of Arts in Geology and Integrative Biology.
Professional Experience: Present: Associate Professor, College of Arts and Sciences, Middle Georgia State University. 2007-Present: Instructor for Physical Geology. 2008-2013, 2015-Present: Instructor for Historical Geology. 2007-2015, Present: Instructor for Physical Science 1 & 2. 2009-2013: Instructor for Integrative Science for Child Instructors. 2011-2013: Instructor for Principles of Biology 1 & 2. 2012-Present: Instructor for Evolution in the Bachelor's of Science program. 2014: Co-instructor for Science, Poetry and the Imagination with Dr. Kevin Cantwell. 2017: Instructor for Biology 1001. December 2012: Promoted to Associate Professor with tenure.
2006-2007: Visiting Professor, Knox College. Instructor for Earth Sciences (1 term), World Resources (1), Introduction to Environmental Studies (1) and Vertebrate Evolution (1).
2006: Summer Faculty, University of Iowa. Instructor for Earth History and Resources (Introductory Geology).
2005-2006: Adjunct Faculty Member, Kirkwood Community College, Iowa. Instructor for Introductory Geology (2 semesters).
2001-2005: University of Iowa: Laboratory teaching assistant for Age of Dinosaurs (4 semesters), Introduction to Environmental Science (2), Evolution and the History of Life (1). Lecture teaching assistant for Introduction to Environmental Science (1 semester).
1999-2001: University of Florida: Laboratory teaching assistant for Introductory Geology (3 semesters), Historical Geology (1).
Organizations: My research interests are in large-scale evolutionary processes, their environmental causes and consequences, and their patterns in the rock record. I make use of phylogenetic systematics to study evolutionary relationships between fossil organisms. I make use of computed tomography data to study the morphology of fossil organisms.

For more information, please visit my office, 212 Dublin main building, or e-mail me, daniel.snyder@mga.edu
Publications: 2017: Snyder, D., Turner, S., Burrow, C., and Daeschler, E. A. “Gyracanthus” sherwoodi (Gnathostomata, Gyracanthidae) from the Late Devonian of North America. Proceedings of the ANSP. 165: 195-219
2012: Clack, J. A., Witzman, F., Müller, J and Snyder, D.. A colosteid-like early tetrapod from the St. Louis Limestone (Early Carboniferous, Meramecian), St. Louis, Missouri, USA. Pages 17-39, in: Lombard, R. E., Ruta, M., Anderson, J. and Sumida, S. S. Studies in Vertebrate Paleontology—Essays in Honor of John R. Bolt. Fieldiana Life Sciences, Vol. 5.
2011: Snyder, D. Gyracanthid gnathostome remains from the Carboniferous of Illinois. Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology, 31 (4) 902-906.
2007: Snyder, D. Post-cranial morphology and systematics of two Miocene alligators from Florida, with a discussion of Alligator biogeography. Journal of Paleontology, 81 (5) 917-928.

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