Faculty/Staff Directory

Edwynn Wallace

Associate Professor of Physics
Natural Sciences

Phone: 478.934.3146

Office Hours: Fall 2017:
      MW: 12:00pm - 2:00pm
      M: 3:15pm - 5:15pm
      TR: 8:30am - 9:30am
Courses: Current Courses (Fall 2017):
      PHYS 1011K Physical Science I
      PHYS 1111K Introductory Physics I

All Courses:
      ASTR 1020K Stellar and Galactic Astronomy
      ISCI 2001K Integrated Science - Life and Earth Science
      ISCI 2002K Integrated Science - Physical Science
      PHYS 1011K Physical Science I
      PHYS 1012K Physical Science II
      PHYS 1111K Introductory Physics I
      PHYS 1112K Introductory Physics II
      PHYS 2211K Principles of Physics I
      PHYS 2212K Principles of Physics II
      BIOL 2999 Directed Studies
Education: M.S. Physics, Auburn University
B.S. Physics, Stetson University
Awards and Honors: Middle Georgia College Teaching Excellence Award, 2011-12
Publications: Edward Thomas, Jr., Ashely Eadon, and Edwynn A. Wallace, Suppression of Low Frequency Plasma Instabilities in a Magnetized Plasma Column, Physics of Plasmas, 12, 042109, 2005

Edwynn Wallace, Edward Thomas, Jr., Ashley Eadon, and Jon David Jackson, Design and Initial Operation of ALEXIS: A New Plasma Experiment for Studying Shear Driven Flows, Review of Scientific Instruments, 75, 5160, 2004

E. Thomas, Jr., J.D. Jackson, E. Wallace, and G. Ganguli, Observations of Low Frequency Oscillations Due to Transverse Sheared Flows, Physics of Plasmas, 10, 1159, 2003

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