Federal Work Study for Natural Sciences

Student Application
School/Department: Department of Natural Sciences
Primary Location: Cochran
Position: Student
Job Type: Part Time
Position Close Date: Until Filled

JOB SUMMARY:  Middle Georgia State University is seeking candidates for a Part-time Federal Work Study - Student Assistant to help in Natural Science Labs. Work with the department and any necessary personnel to help maintain the labs on campus. Ability to pay attention to detail; ability to use logical thinking skills on a daily basis to perform all required tasks.

The following is a comprehensive list of tasks student workers in the Natural Science Division will be asked to perform.

  1. Sterilize (if necessary), wash, dry, and store glassware.
  2. Clean other laboratory equipment.
  3. Minor (physical) repair.
  4. Prepare solutions, media, cultures, and specimens for use.
  5. Check solutions for efficacy.
  6. Dispose of ineffective solutions.
  7. Gather other supplies needed for lab.
  8. Prepare lab equipment for use.
  9. Arrange all needed items in laboratory before class period begins.
  10. Store all used equipment, chemicals, and solutions for future use.
  11. Dispose of used solutions that will not keep.
  12. Keep all drawers, cabinets, and shelves in lab tidy and organized.
  13. Maintain lab stock of common supplies (e.g. paper towels, matches, etc.)
  14. Clean all work surfaces in lab.
  15. Dispose of and replace broken glass boxes when necessary.
  16. Organize storeroom according to directions from lab technician and professors.
  17. Clean storeroom.
  18. Take and maintain inventory.
  19. Affix identification labels to chemicals.
  20. Helping professors with special requests



   1. All student aides will receive a safety briefing that highlights the following:

  • chemical dangers
  • biological dangers
  • heat sources
  • electrical dangers
  • glassware handling
  • chemical label information

    2. Students will receive task specific instruction before performing tasks


   1.Students will not be allowed in labs or storerooms without supervision

    2.Students will not be asked to perform a dangerous or complicated task without first having observed or assisted a staff member performing said task

C. Protective Equipment

     1.Students will follow all guidelines regarding the use of protective equipment

     2.All necessary protective equipment will be provided

      3.A student may ask for extra protective equipment if they are uncomfortable with a task.


QUALIFICATIONS: High school diploma or GED and must be a MGA student taking at least 12 credit hours during the Fall or Spring semester.  Must have flexibility in class schedule to allow for at least 10 work hours each week. 

APPLICATION DEADLINE:  Review of applications will begin immediately. Position open until filled.

TO APPLY: Applicants for all Student Worker jobs are required to have completed a FAFSA for this academic year. Interested applicants should complete an online application at https://www.mga.edu/human-resources/jobs/applications/student-worker-application.php. Please put the position you are applying for as “Natural Sciences Federal Work Study - Cochran”.  Application materials are to include a resume, an MGA Student application; a letter of interest; and three professional references.  Paper application materials will not be accepted.

Background check are conducted on final candidates.

Student Application

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