Office of Academic Affairs

I am delighted to welcome you to Middle Georgia State University.

The MGA community is one of exceptional talent and generosity. Our more than three hundred faculty members are accomplished scholars and exemplary teachers who are passionate about sharing their expertise in the classroom. We also have a highly engaged student body, whose rich diversity contributes greatly to the superior learning environment at MGA.

My role as Chief Academic Officer is to provide strategic vision and academic leadership to advance the mission and goals of the institution. I am dedicated to the success of both faculty and students of MGA. The Office of Academic Affairs, furthermore, promotes the goals of access and affordability, and we are committed to fostering a culture of academic excellence and accomplishment across the college.

Please take a few moments to explore the Office of Academic Affairs website. Here you will find descriptions of our staff, special initiatives, and schools.

With five beautiful campuses, one college and five schools, and a host of strong academic programs, Middle Georgia State University provides an extraordinary environment in which students can pursue their academic and professional goals.

United, we push the boundaries of possibility.