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Middle Georgia State University
2024 Spring Commencement

Welcome to Middle Georgia State University’s Spring Commencement. We are so proud of all that our 2024 graduates have accomplished. We hope you enjoy this presentation, and are able to safely celebrate with your friends and family. Congratulations and Go Knights!

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A Message from the President of Middle Georgia State University

Today we celebrate Middle Georgia State University’s Spring Class of 2024 – congratulations to our graduates! I am proud to once again welcome families and friends to our Macon Campus as we come together to applaud the successes of the students who have worked for so long to reach this special day.

“Commencement” refers to a beginning – in this case, the beginning of your life after college, now that you have secured the degree you have been pursuing for the past few months and years. Whether your next steps involve looking for that perfect job or advancing in your existing career, or if this is just one more milestone on your way to future academic successes, know that we are honored that you chose to find your greatness here with us at MGA.

We know that our graduates are exceptional. We know that the next generation of leaders in our businesses and communities are walking across the stage today. We know that the lessons learned here – both in and out of the classroom – will help shape the direction of the future for our communities. And we know that wherever that future leads you, we will remain proud of you as a member of our Knights family.

As you celebrate today – and beyond – remember to thank those who have supported you on this journey. The faculty and sta! who have worked with you and rooted for your success, the family and friends who supported you and cheered you on, and the classmates with whom you lived, worked, and studied – your presence here today speaks to not only your accomplishment but also to the work, care, and help of others.

My most sincere gratitude to each of you for sharing your unique point of view and experiences with us and for choosing Middle Georgia State. We hope that you will remain engaged with us and will maintain the friendships and connections you have established here. Our community does not end at the edge of our campuses – our Knights continue the traditions of MGA wherever they are, and you are now a part of that larger family.

To the Spring Class of 2024, I say again congratulations and best wishes to all for an exciting and fulfilling future. We look forward to seeing you each make your mark in the world.


Christopher Blake, Ph.D.
President, Middle Georgia State University

A Message from the Middle Georgia State University Alumni Association

Duke Knight says congrats grads

Your hard work, all-nighters, and constant multi-tasking paid off! You have persevered through these challenging times, and it is with great pleasure that we welcome you to our Alumni Association.

We will continue to help build and strengthen our beloved Middle Georgia State University. To that end, we invite you to help us take the next step by remaining involved in the life of the University. Together we can have an immediate impact upon the success of our alma mater, its current students and our alumni community in many ways.

The Office of Alumni Affairs and the Alumni Association Board of Directors welcomes your involvement and participation. Again, congratulations!

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