MGA Students Raise Money for Cystic Fibrosis Research

Author: Lee Greenway
Posted: Monday, April 25, 2016 3:05 PM
Categories: School of Health Sciences | Pressroom

Macon, GA


A crowd of smiling Middle Georgia State University students surrounds 16-year old Logan Price, most of them clad in grey t-shirts bearing an image of boxing gloves and the slogan “Knock out Cystic Fibrosis” on the front, and the words “Logan’s Heroes” on the back. Price, also smiling largely,holds in his hands a large, hand-drawn check, paid to the order of the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation and made out in the amount of $3,339.

The members of MGREAT – the Middle Georgia Respiratory Education Action Team, a recognized student organization for Respiratory Therapy students at Middle Georgia State – met Price in August, when he spoke to the group about his experience as a cystic fibrosis patient; “I just talked about the basics of cystic fibrosis, I gave them my perspective.”

There is currently no federal funding to research cures or treatments for the disease, which affects about 30,000 people in the United States today, according to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation’s website. The disease is “a life-threatening, genetic disease that causes persistent lung infections and progressively limits the ability to breathe.”

Following Price’s talk, the members of MGREAT decided to help. Hunter Jackson, a sophomore from Warner Robins, proposed designing and selling a special t-shirt, with proceeds going directly to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. The members found sponsors to help pay the costs of having shirts printed, and offered them for sale over the past months. Their efforts paid off – the group has made a donation of almost $3,400 to the Foundation in Price’s name.

Price joined the group again on April 20 to hear about their fundraising efforts and meet again with the students. Teri Miller, chair of the Department of Respiratory Therapy, made a few short remarks.“You shared a lot with our students,” she said to Price. “Your story has really made a difference;you’ve inspired them.”

MGREAT advisor Beth Brown, professor of Respiratory Therapy,says that the organization was put in touch with Price through a family connection. “These students will be working with CF patients,” she says. “It’s good to put a face with it.”

“It’s great,” says Price, looking at the collegians wearing the “Logan’s Heroes” shirts. “I feel great.”

To learn more about cystic fibrosis, or to donate to help fund research for a cure, visit the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation’s website