MGA’s New Summer Scholars Program Gives Incoming Freshmen an Early Start

Author: News Bureau
Posted: Thursday, February 15, 2018 12:00 AM
Category: Pressroom

Macon, GA


This summer, Middle Georgia State University gets surreal.

Thanks to a new Summer Scholars program, entering freshmen and dual enrolled students can earn six hours of college core course credit through a high-impact experience that includes explorations of Georgia sites with the air of mystique about them, including the city of Savannah, Ocmulgee National Monument in Macon, and the grounds of the old Central State Hospital in Milledgeville.

The summer program's theme is "Exploring the Georgia Surreal." Through a combination of online study, face-to-face instruction, and site visits from late May through late July, students will examine why Georgia artists often infuse their work with the mythic, mystic, or mysterious and how history has affected the landscape, the people, and the culture.

"The Summer Scholars Program was designed to help students get a jump start on their college career ," said Dr. Mary McCartin Wearn, MGA's acting vice provost for Student Success. " The program is for students who want their education to expand beyond the boundaries of the classroom. In addition to weekly trips around Georgia, students will have the option to participate in a service learning experience in Savannah. The Savannah experience reflects Middle Georgia State's commitment to service and our belief that our community is stronger when we engage with and learn from many different types of people."

MGA freshmen who successfully gain admission to and complete Summer Scholars will be eligible for admission into the University's Honors Program in the fall.

Here's how the Summer Scholars Program will work:

Class seats will be available on the Macon and Cochran campuses. The program is hybrid, meaning that the first four weeks of instruction are online and the second four weeks are on campus. Portions of the classes that students will take online will become available as of May 30, 2018. On-campus instruction and trips to the "surreal" places will take place from June 25 through July 24, 2018. The optional service-learning trip will run from July 24-27, 2018.

College freshmen in the program will live on either the Macon or Cochran campuses for a month and participate in a unique living-learning community. They will have early access to premium dorms and will get free meal plans. They will be eligible to gain entry into the MGA Honors Program in fall 2018 if they successfully complete the Summer Scholars Program.

High school students interested in dual enrollment may also participate in Summer Scholars but will not live on campus. Dual-enrolled students will be eligible to earn collegiate honors credit.

Each student will choose two thematically-related courses from the list below:

ENGL 1101: English Composition I

ENGL 2132: American Literature II

ARTS 1100: Art Appreciation

ENGL 1102: English Composition II

HIST 2112: U.S. History Since 1865

SOCI 1101: Introduction to Sociology

"Students who participate in the Summer Scholars Program will get a taste of Middle Georgia State’s exceptional liberal arts and honors programming," Wearn said. "This program is also aligned with MGA’s 'Momentum Year' initiative, which aims to help students 'build velocity in the direction of their goals.' "

Students who will be college freshmen and are interested in the 2018 Summer Scholars Program should visit If eligible for aid, freshmen may use Hope and Zell Miller scholarships, Pell grants, or student loans.

High school students interested in participating as dual-enrollment students can visit for application information. For eligible students, tuition, textbooks, and mandatory University fees will be paid by the Georgia Student Finance Commission.

Space in the program is very limited, and students are encouraged to apply by March 30, 2018 for best consideration. Email questions to