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Dr. David Vogel

Associate Professor

Phone: 478.475.8621

  • Macon - Math - 124
    Phone: 475-8621
Office Hours: Monday 12:00–2:00, 3:40–5:00
Tuesday (WRC) 10:45–12:30, 1:45–2:30
Wednesday 12:00–2:00, 3:40–5:00
Thursday (WRC) 10:45–12:30, 1:45–2:30
Courses: Math 1101 (Math Modeling)
Math 1111 (College Algebra)
Math 1112 (Trigonometry)
Math 1200 (Elementary Statistics)
Math 1251, 2252, 2253 (Calculus I, II & III)
Math 2260 (Introductory Linear Algebra)
Math 3251 (Combinatorics)
Math 2270 (Differential Equations)
Math 3270 (Advanced Differential Equations)
Math 3600 (Probability & Statistics)
Math 4110 (Number Theory)
Education: B.S. Physics - Georgia Institute of Technology
M.S. Physics - Georgia Institute of Technology
Ph.D. Atomic Physics - Georgia Institute of Technology
Dissertation: Electron Impact Ionization of Highly Charged Lithiumlike Ions,
Professional Affiliations: Georgia Mathematical Association of Two-Year Colleges
American Mathematical Association of Two-Year Colleges
Publications: Cross sections for K-shell ionization of Cr21+ ions by electron impact, Physical Review A (under review)
Avoided level crossings in very highly charged ions, Physical Review A (2016)
Mathematics: Passive no more, MathAMATYC Educator, (2014)
High-pressure position-sensitive proportional counter, Review of Scientific Instruments (1995)
Electron impact ionization of lithiumlike ions: Ti19+, V20+, Cr21+, Mn22+, and Fe23+, Physical Review A (1993)
Measurements of radiative branching ratios of K x ray transitions in Cr21+, Mn22+, Fe23+, Ni25+, and Ge29+, Physical Review A (1991)
Indirect x ray line formation processes in highly charged barium, Physical Review Letters (1990)
Inner-shell ionization of lithium-like chromium ions, Zeitschrift für Physik D (1990)

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