The Knight Card

The Knight Card is the essential key to campus life and a great tool for handling your money! The Knight Card is your official school ID and is an all-inclusive card used for food, on-campus amenities, access, and a debit card for making purchases on campus! The purpose of this is to provide safety and security to cardholders by eliminating the necessity to carry cash for products and services available.

MGA Card Services

Card Services is here to help you get your Knight Card AND help you by answering any questions you have regarding your Knight Card. First, see below for locations to obtain your Knight Card and then explore what your Knight card can do!

You may visit the following offices to obtain your Knight card:

Campus Location Hours Phone #
Macon Police Department 8am-5:30pm (M-R)
8am-12pm (F)
Cochran Police Department 8am-5:30pm (M-R)
8am-12pm (F)
Dublin Library 8am-5:30pm (M-R)
8am-12pm (F)
Eastman Police Department 8am-5:30pm (M-R)
8am-12pm (F)
Warner Robins Bursar's Office
Academic Services
8am-5:30pm (M-R)
8am-12pm (F)