Health Clinic

For information about on-campus COVID-19 testing, please click here.

The Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP) provider, United Healthcare Student Resources (UHCSR), has resources available to all students related to COVID-19, including those not enrolled in the SHIP program. For more information check the USG main Coronavirus webpage at:

Mission Statement: Our mission is to assist patients with preventive health care and consultations, thereby minimizing their impact on academic and work progress.

Health Clinics: Staffed by licensed Nurse Practitioners, Health Clinics are located on the Macon and Cochran campuses. These facilities are medical clinics providing a broad range of affordable health care to currently enrolled MGA students, who have paid the Health fee, on all five campuses. A valid MGA Knight ID card is required. Health Clinic services are available by appointment, masks are required. Unlimited visits to the clinics are free to students seeking treatment for episodic/acute illnesses. Other services including lab testing, physicals, etc., are available for additional fees.

Current Parents: The health clinic understands you may worry about your students health and well being, and we encourage you to have an open relationship with your student when it comes to their health care. However, as health care providers, we must follow FERPA,  HIPAA and Patient's Rights guidelines. This means the health clinic is unable to discuss any information regarding your son or daughter, if they are 18 years or older. We ask you please refer to the HIPAA and Privacy Guideline tabs at the top of this page for any clarification on this matter.