Health Clinic

Mission Statement: Our mission is to assist patients with preventive health care and consultations, as well as evaluating, diagnosing and treating health concerns, illnesses and injuries, thereby minimizing their impact on academic and work progress. Preventive care including, but not limited to, physicals, womens health, preventive immunizations, weight control, health promotion, and diagnostic screening are readily available to all patients for nominal fees depending on the service provided.

Health Clinics: Staffed by licensed Nurse Practitioners, Health Clinics are located on the Macon and Cochran campuses. These facilities are medical clinics providing a broad range of affordable health care to currently enrolled MGA students and currently employed MGA faculty and staff from any of our five campuses. A valid MGA Knight ID card is required. Health Clinic services are available by appointments, which are strongly encouraged; walk-ins will be seen if time permits. Unlimited visits to the clinics are free to students seeking treatment for episodic/acute illnesses. Other services including immunizations, lab testing, diagnostic screening, physicals, etc., are available for additional fees. The Health Clinics are funded by student health fees. Therefore, MGA faculty/staff are required to pay a nominal fee at the time of each visit.