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Welcome to the Brightspace Resource Center! This page hosts the latest news on Brightspace/D2L as well as User Guides regarding specific aspects of Brightspace.

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Upgrade overview

The MGA Brightspace system will be completely offline December 20th & 21st to undergo an upgrade from version 10.7.0 to 10.8.8 (eighteen minor versions). While this might seem to be a massive upgrade, keep in mind that this is actually a series of minor updates. Brightspace will retain the same look and feel. This upgrade will include some new features as well as increase the ease of use in many areas for both faculty and students.

Some things to look forward to are:

  • No more Downtime!
  • Quizzes auto-save each answer & there are less Quiz confirmation pop-ups
  • Uploaded content documents automatically convert to pdf
  • Rubrics are easier to use, create, and are the same across tools
    Rubric feedback now works in discussions and the gradebook!
  • The My Courses widget automatically shows your active courses
  • Grades are easier to view with a locked name column and header row
  • Assignments no longer require a file upload & can be graded anonymously
  • You can now manage all of your dates in one location OR simply offset the dates when you copy components!
  • Discussions are easier to grade & you can post to all groups at once
  • Emoticons are now available :)


User Guides

Coming soon...